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Posted by: masjonamb
Type of dream: Happy
Time of day: Daydream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2007-09-21 07:20:34
Date of dream: 2007-09-21
Keyword 1: reunited
Keyword 2: kids
Keyword 3:
Description: Im at my grandmas house and i walk out onto the avenue to what seems to be my three adopted kids walking up the steet, my daughter amber has long blonde hair and pale faced ,my two boys were not as clear. They walk towards me as i walk towards them we all hug and start to cry , i feel my leggs give way on me and we end up on the floor in a pile just hugging and crying with tears of hurt from over the years, but happiness also from reunited.the stay at my grandmas house cos i said there rooms were being decorated.mason my eldest says things that he can remember and how his adopted called birth family by the name "lost" i lie with him while he goes to sleep and i ask him if he wantted to say goodnight to his adoptive mum but he says no cos iv got you, but he didnt see her just outside the door. he starts to choke and i sit him up and pat his back and ask if hes ok he quickly gets out of bed choughs flem like stuff up in his hand but wont let me see and says he doesnt want me to know what it is or see it, he was hiding it from me. then i get woken up
Dreamer's Analysis: because i think about my kids all the time
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