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Posted by: Amber Dawn
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: Yes
Date posted: 2007-09-09 22:28:23
Date of dream:
Keyword 1: flying
Keyword 2: projecting
Keyword 3: control
Description: i start out in a different reality every dream, this particular dream i am at a mall, in an outside parking garage. bolth my parents are talking to each other, preoccupied with their conversation. so i sit there for a second, then i start to get bored. i stand up and look down at the ground, three or more stories below me. i focus all my mental energy on the ground, and just like that im zooming to the ground. i flew so fast my reality bled into colorful peripheral. now im standing on the ground looking up at the three story parking garage. i focus, and zoom, i flew with such ease. i spent what felt like 5 min practicing, flying back and forth, testing my limits. i have flown many times b4 this particular dream, its just that this dream was the pivitol moment of me learning to do it without the mental exhaustion that always accompanied it for me. after this dream, i fly every where, at any speed, with incredable ease
Dreamer's Analysis: to teach myself how to function in my realities without so much effort
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Mudit 2008-08-20 12:11:52 Yes I too get dreams of flying, but in more confined areas. When I was a kid (may be of age 5), the first time I got this dream, I tried to convince my mother when I awake, that it wasn't just a dream, and that I did fly in reality. Well, nowadays the Flying Dream has become less frequent




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