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Posted by: psychocook
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Did Not Enjoy Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2007-09-08 02:34:38
Date of dream: 2016-09-07
Keyword 1: teeth
Keyword 2: eyes
Keyword 3: photographs
Description: i was gettng all dressesd up with my best friend sarah for a halloween gig we went down stairs i called my father to come out of the garden to drive us into town!..As he was puttin on his jacket i went into the downstairs bathroom and checked my make-up in the mirror and then we were ready to go.We arrived in town and it was still daytime there were lots of people young and old very feastive and orange and then suddenly in my dream i woke up into another dream more or less the same except i was getting ready alone and when i got downstairs i saw 3 photograph one of me,one of my friend and one of my friends sister who years ago as children considered me to be very ugly (i had very bad teeth and was in dire need of braces,My teeth are perfect now though)..In these pictures showed us as children when i looked at my friends sisters photo i heard my fathers voice say "she isnt a normal girl at all stay away from ones like that" "not a normal child at all"..I went into the bathroom to check my make-up in the mirror as i had before in the 1st dream except but when i did my teeth had returned to theior old format all twisted,gaped and crucked, i blamed my tongue for puching at my teeth and changing them into this..Suddenly all my teeth crumbled into my hands all grey looking(still not looking away from the mirror and hadnt told anyone)..I put all the crumbled teeth back into my mouth believing that everything would change back it did!..But there was a slight discolouring in the bottom teeth..I needed to get my teeth whitend..i passed through the kitchen were my parents were i didnt tell them what happend.I went into the living room to phone sarah but she was already on the phone waiting for me to come back from the bathroom though we wernt even talking on the phone! I told her what happend and how my teeth were discoloured and i didnt want to go to town to meet her as we were supposed to due to our plans,she convinced me to go though..i got in the car with my dad and then bang i was in an un familur bathroom checking my teeth and putting on Lipgloss which i forgot to mention i had being putting alot of lipgloss on in my dream lol..
Dreamer's Analysis: It probably comes across as if im extremely vain which im not i think this dream shows insecurity in lots of ways,stupid things from the past i mean im 17 now my friends sister used to call me ugly when i was 9 or 10!Ive been friends with my best friend since junior enfants..13 years..we are very close though i still havent warmed to much to her sister
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