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Posted by: robertb
Type of dream: Happy
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2007-09-02 02:15:50
Date of dream: 2007-09-02
Keyword 1: holiday
Keyword 2: england
Keyword 3: fighting
Description: I was in England on holidays and I was at a relativeís house and I wanted to go see were I was at I grabbed a push bike and went for a ride I met some young blokes that were about 20 to 25 And they ask me if I had any pot I said yes I brought 5 fowlies over with me I sold the pot to them for 50 pounds Then they asked me to come back to there place they lived along the sea in a little town we ended up in there flat they were asking me about Australia Then they mulled up offered me a cone I declined because I donít smoke pot but I felt weird that I sold them pot and didnít smoke it We then went down to the water were there were people swimming I was sitting at the edge of the water on a wall we were talking they were smoking cigarettes and I ask them for 1 they gave me one and I started smoking it And then a bloke next to me I didnít no try to steal my cigarette I said no but he kept trying to take it of me I then pouched him in the head got his head and put it between my knees and pile derived him I then got up he ran over to his mates then turned to look at my friends they said your in trouble now the bloke you just beat up is telling his gang leader which didnít bother me I went back to keep talking to my new friends and the gang leader was in front of me I then punched him in the gut then give him a few round kicks to his knees and roll punched him in the head a few times He ran of crying then I looked at the people I was talking to they said he didnít even get a punch on you then I went back to sleep.
Dreamer's Analysis: want to travel maybe
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Posted by Date of Feedback Had a Similar Dream Dream Feedback
robertb 2007-09-08 00:14:44 Yes before i started kungfu i was slow in my dreams but now and am fast in my dreams and i dont play games they bore me and i dont watch much television and i do want to travel very much
EastEndGirl 2007-09-04 09:31:35 No Maybe you want to travel or maybe you just are angry about something or have been playing a lot of video games so fighting is on your mind. Usually when I am fighting someone in my dreams I am in slow motion or something so it's really frustrating because I try to hit them and can't coz I'm so slow. That is cool you won.



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