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Posted by: robertb
Type of dream: Happy
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: Yes
Date posted: 2007-08-31 03:26:01
Date of dream: 2007-08-31
Keyword 1: bush
Keyword 2: camping
Keyword 3: flying
Description: I was in the bush with my brother and his mates there were other people there to we were all camping. Me and my brother and his mates went for a walk up the mountain we got up to the top and for some reason I new I was dreaming so i new no harm would come to me. So I said to my brother watch this they all looked at me and I ran and jumped of a cliff it was about 500 metres high and started flying. I flew out about 50 feet out from the cliff hovered and turned around said hey look at this I then gained height and circled back around over the top of the trees then over my brother and that. And landed at the same cliff i then jump of the cliff again and this time I went straight down got to about 10 feet of the river below and started flying again. I flew down in the valley for a little while and then landed on the shore, And went to walk back up the mountain and thought to my self im dreaming so I may as well ride a bike back up. And a bike appeared 4 wheeled bike.So I got on looked at the track ahead and it was cliffs I road at the cliffs and started riding up them vertically this bike went up anything I got to the top and went back to sleep.
Dreamer's Analysis: dont no maybe teach me how to fly
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Posted by Date of Feedback Had a Similar Dream Dream Feedback
Amber Dawn 2007-09-13 18:44:50 Yes I too tought my self to fly by showing off to my parents. i would zoom to where i wanted to go, hover off the ground and yell, "hey mom! watch this!" I spent five minutes practicing, and have had a way easier time flying ever since



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