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Posted by: reza
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Indifferent
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2007-08-24 02:28:19
Date of dream: 2007-08-23
Keyword 1: School
Keyword 2: Burnt
Keyword 3:
Description: At school which is half burnt down but no fire - mostly everyone is outside as i go out i pass amanda -see Jay Winquan outside on the side roof -See flo walk by me with some randoms -see Jeffery Mcguinn watching me -I know i have to get back into the school to help people to warn them the schools been burnt -I also know that what ever I do Jeff is going to copy me -I get in position to jump through a ground floor window and so does Jeff -I pretend to hop in and Jeff does go In and I sprint away back through the doors and down the hall where its business as usual but there are Christmas Deorations everywhere -I lost Jeff -People are going to thier lockers getting ready to go home unaware the school is half burnt -I see Cory with his friends and he asks whats up and I show him some book about the minds psycology -he says he'll meet me at his car -at some point here someone gives me 2 cigerettes which i put in my pocket -I then go down a hall with no one in it -I see through the window there is a class going on with students at their desks -I look for the door and find it but its ties with green and red tinsle -I rip it off and open the door -Miss Caulvert is sitting in a chair and asks me how I got in -told her i untied the tinsle and came in to help them -she says they're in the middle of a test and I need to leave -I notice a typo on the test in question 2 -I say ok I'll go and tell her I'll tie the tinsle back and into a BOW -she agrees I got out and try and shut the doors but its hard -this is all happening as some fat chicks playing a fimiliar tune in the guitar -then some chick raises her hand and asks about Question number 2 explaining she's not to sure she knows what the person who wrote the test means -the teacher who wrote the test takes Miss Caulverts place and doesnt seem to help any -that teacher tells me to give a retarded girl in the hall 2 items i see on the ground (brown and red) - I think I shut the doors and wrap the tinsle around the door knobs -ask the girl to hold out her hands and she takes them -turn around and she's gone and the items are on the ground in her place - I pull out the two cigerettes from my pocket which are now broken -think of Cory who should be waiting at his car for me
Dreamer's Analysis: Do Not Know
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