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Posted by: technicolorburn
Type of dream: None of the above
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Indifferent
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2007-08-15 19:10:25
Date of dream: 2007-08-15
Keyword 1: marriage
Keyword 2: abandonment
Keyword 3: sudden
Description: my sister drives me to a small, round stone building. it's night time. we cross a small, murky green mote. i don't know what we are doing there, but we leave suddenly after going inside. she takes me to a house. the unfamiliar house has a modern design, but i remember wood tones and bright blues and reds. i meet a man there who has sandy colored hair and a muscular build. i follow him to his bedroom and lie down next to him. he says things to me i do not remember. i do remember being attracted to him. in place of a headboard, there is a mirror. i notice i need to shave my legs. a smaller darker skinned man stands in the doorway and asks the other man to come to the office. i leave the bedroom and enter the bathroom where i think about shaving my legs, but i don't. i notice i have full makeup on and my hair is in loose waves. i then go to the office where i sit on the arm of a leather sofa. i watch the men talk in the small home office. they leave and i follow them to a living room with a few strangers standing about. the sandy haired man announces our engagement. i'm very angry inside because he didn't ask my permission to announce it, but i just smile at him. i bring some food to the porch where he sits with two of his three daughters. the infant is with a maid. i am a bit shocked that he never mentioned having children. i knew then that i had to leave. i go to the kitchen and find my mother in the doorway. she says it is time to leave. i get my purse in another room. on my way to leave with my mother, i run into my fiancee. i ask to speak with him. i remember trying to call our relationship off. i don't remember what i said. but i get in the car with my mother. she asks me what all this is about. i say it is nothing, that he just likes me. as she drives in the dark, i feel a tickle on my head. i scratch and shake my head. something falls out. i take a closer look and it is a bug. i feel another tickle and shake again. i wake up thinking there is a bug in my bed, but there isn't.
Dreamer's Analysis: i'm single and don't plan on getting married. my mother is also very controlling and often dictates my actions. had she not been present in my dream, i would have stayed at that house.
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