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Posted by: jstpeachy
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Daydream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2007-08-12 23:27:42
Date of dream: 0000-00-00
Keyword 1: red glittery/sparkly
Keyword 2: red glittery
Keyword 3: dancing
Description: ...there was more in the beginning..can't really remember any of it though..except for an old boyfriend from my freshman yr in h.s..he was older now too..he was obviously interested in 'something' having to do w me..but i don't remember what..(lol..)i remember at the end of the dream, there were several of us..(don't remember who..)at a table..kind of an indoor/outdoor setting(seems like it was a picnic table)..i was at the end of the table closest to the outdoor part..seems like there were a few taller standing plants close by and at the end of the table..all of a sudden there was a black bird..kind of like the size of a bluebird but not as big as a magpie either..it was all black tho..but it was a all covered in what seemed or looked like red glitter and it seemed like it had a red bow around it's neck..almost as if it were 'dressed up' as if it were like a bow-tie..because.. and here's what really makes it all more 'fanciful' and strange..was when i first notice the bird, just a few feet away from me..he's doing this sort of 'dance' while fluttering..bringing his wings up to one side of his head and leaning into them..then in a sort of falling-rolling to the side down motion..but more like a ballet dance of sorts..all very whimsical and like a performance it very much enjoyed doing..i notice all of this and bring the attn. of everyone else at the table to see the bird also..and the bird comes 'fly-dancing' closer.. less than an arm's length from me and continues w/ it's performance using the plant at the end of the table as a prop..for some reason i put my hand up close to it..giving a perch for him to step onto to..but it doesn't step onto..but lifts my hand w/ it's wing putting my lifted finger up next to and leaning in w/ it's head onto it..like it had w/ only 'it's' wings before..in an all seemingly sweet and caring way..i remember thinking how sweet it seemed...but unfortunately that was all there was..when it was interrupted by my getting woke up.....
Dreamer's Analysis: ..no clue really
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