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Posted by: meireh07
Type of dream: Sad
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Did Not Enjoy Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2007-08-09 07:32:35
Date of dream: 2007-08-09
Keyword 1: mud
Keyword 2: flood
Keyword 3: evacuate
Description: I had just come back from a trip. Heard that neighborhoods where going to be flooded with some kind of black mud. I just didn't realize that it was already coming. I opened my front door and all the houses in my neighborhood were covered in some kind of sliming black mud. A guy comes to may door for some kind of help and ends up helping me with my 11 year old and baby. I was packing their clothes to go to some kind of chelter he told me about. We lieve in a boat as we ride away from the house I notice that my baement has black mud porind out of its windows and I am very scared and sad.
Dreamer's Analysis: I don't know. I've had lots of dreams about water lately. The day before last night I dreamed about a water creature chasing me aout of the beach. I ran as fast as I could.In that dream there was also a stream that had averey heavy current. I was holding a baby and felt that I shouldn't cross it and went around it instead.
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Posted by Date of Feedback Had a Similar Dream Dream Feedback
farmerfred 2007-08-12 03:47:18 No That muddy water sounds like a powerful symbol like maybe you are having some negative emotions recently or you might be feeling overwhelmed by some situation. Is there something that has been really bothering you or that you have been worrying a lot about? Is there somebody that you feel you are trying to protect or take care of, or something that you are trying to keep (like the baby in your dream)?




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