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Posted by: bssb
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Did Not Enjoy Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2007-07-29 17:05:36
Date of dream: 2007-05-31
Keyword 1: staircase
Keyword 2: elevator
Keyword 3: midget
Description: i was in this crowded room where someone was performing and everyone was standing around watching. suddenly i realized that this little midget like thing next to me was being pursued by some bad people who were moving through the crowd behind us... and i thought to myself that he'd have a really hard time hiding in the crowd because even though he was a midget, and much shorter than everyone else and therefore able to sneak around in the crowd a bit... he was the ONLY midget there. he started to make his way out of the room and i followed him - i had this urge to help him, or at least see that he found his way safely to wherever he was going. as i was following him he somehow changed into this cream colored knitted body suit thing that covered him from head to toe, including his entire face. there was this weird bulky protrusion coming out of his side and i thought he looked like some kind of larvae, or an embryo or something... he started walking really quickly toward the front of the room and i followed him out through the door into a hallway in an unfinished part of the building. the hallway had cement walls and unflattering flourescent lighting and looked very depressing. against the wall was a big lumpy looking bed covered in the same material the little dwarf was wearing... it looked like a hospital bed that someone had stretched a gigantic sheet of the knit material over and covered all the way to the ground. it looked soft. he jumped up on top of the bed and began making these frantic, epileptic movements and after a few moments he was part of the bed, like he'd just evaporated into it. the guys who were following him ran out and looked around and couldnt find him - because he'd disappeared. i backed away and moved into another room where there were a bunch of semi-familiar people sitting around looking nervous. a bell went off somewhere and everyone, including me (i somehow knew what to do) ran back out into the hallway and we all began climbing countless flights of narrow concrete stairs marked with yellow stripes. we kept going up and up and up... and i was getting winded and didn't want to keep going but somehow i outpaced everyone and got to the top well before anyone else did. there were two big freight elevators there. in front of each one was a large basket on wheels - it looked like a mail cart that was about the size of a life boat. the little man in the knitted suit was in the basket near the elevator in front of me. a buzzer went off and i looked up and an LED clock read 0:00 - the door in back of the basket opened up, the basket and the little man rolled in quickly, like it was all part of some mechanism that did this very thing all the time... and then the door closed. this all happened very quickly and just as the door was closing i saw someone at the opposite end of the hall make it to the top of another staircase and, seeing the doors of the other elevator close, slouch his shoulders with disappointment... i looked at the other elevator, the one he was staring at, and above it was a sign that said 'death'. i realized that the people trying to get into the other elevator were trying to die, to get out of wherever it was the other staircase came from. it didn't seem morbid or sad, it was like they knew they were done with life and they just wanted out before it got old and pointless. i told myself not to feel sorry for him, that he had a right to want to die. everyone else id been running with made it up to the top of our staircase around that time and there were lots of groans and disappointed sounds as they realized they'd missed the buzzer, and the elevator. we all walked back downstairs and sat around waiting for the next chance. it was going to be in an hour. then the bell went off, and we ran up the stairs again, and we missed the elevator again. i asked someone why we didn't just wait up where the elevators were, why we bothered running up and down all of those flights of stairs. he was an older black man who seemed very familiar to me. he said that running up the stairs was part of "it", that you have to start at the bottom and run to the top, every time. i never got to see what the sign above the elevator i was trying to get on said.
Dreamer's Analysis: i wish i knew.
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GreenFern 2008-10-08 10:38:52 No Wow!! I'm sorry, I don't know what that dream means but thanks for sharing it. It is amazing! It is cool how much of it you could remember. Do you usually remember so much about your dreams? You should keep a dream journal. A few years from now it would be so cool to read through them. Like a weird book!
Katma 2007-08-01 11:01:14 Don't Know Thats a crazy dream i think the little person represented you in a way meaning mabe at some part of ur life you just become so caught up and lose ur self. I think that the reason you had to start from the bottom and go up should tell you that thats the only way you can reach the top in anything you do is to start from the bottom. just know that every dream applies to life in someway or another.




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