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Posted by: dancinbearxlove
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2007-06-30 08:50:50
Date of dream: 0000-00-00
Keyword 1: Pregnant
Keyword 2: Birth
Keyword 3: Sunrise
Description: I was walking around a festival in Starks Maine (which I go to every year) and my friend Molly came up to me and she told me she was pregnant but she did not look pregnant and she asked me if I would be pregnant for her and I said sure and I was instantly like 7 or 8 months pregnant and I'm not surelike how it happened, so I continued walking around and I went up this trail and found two of my friends sitting and talking they're both older females. I told them I was pregnant and they told me I should have the baby there...and I thought about it and questioned it but then agreed. I asked Molly if she wanted to keep her abbay and she said "no, that why I gave it to you." And I was like good because I want to keep it. I dont really remember like how I gave birth but I did in Harry's house (he holds the festivals on his property) and it was a boy. I named it Tember, a name I've never heard before. Then I walked around and watched the sunrise with my baby. Then I woke up.
Dreamer's Analysis: I'm not sure. My friend Molly was pregnant about 3 months ago, I didn't find out until this morning after my dream that she had an abortion. Also A friend of mine Ruthie had a dream the other night about being pregnant and when she woke up she was sad because in her dream she loved the way she felt being pregnant. She thinks she had her dream because at a festival last weekend we saw our friend Maggie who's a few years older than us and shes 7 months pregnant and looks so happy and adorable. I dont know why I had mine. Ive never felt the way i did this morning when I woke up. I had this feeling throughout my whole dream that I cant explain in my belly, not that it was huge but the feeling that something was really really in it and when I woke up I had that same feeling and after about an hour of laying in bed it faded away. I have lots of strange dreams but none of them have ever stuck like this one, thats why I feel like it really means something but I'm not sure what. I dont think I'm pregnant. Me naming the baby was probably the strangest thing and Tember. I've never heard or ever thought of it but I really like it.
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rightasrain 2007-07-01 14:40:14 No Wow that sounds like such a meaningful dream to have! It sounds like there are lots of symbols in there. One thing it may be interesting to try if you haven't already is to Google the word Tember and see if it's a real name of a person or place or means something else? That may give you some clues. I know a couple of friends who have had dreams where they were pregnant, but never where all of a sudden somebody else gave them the pregnancy! It's almost like your dream was telling you that your friend was getting an abortion before they told you.




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