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Posted by: Casey
Type of dream: Sad
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Did Not Enjoy Dream
Recurring: Yes
Date posted: 2007-06-26 17:31:49
Date of dream: 2007-06-26
Keyword 1: torture
Keyword 2: support
Keyword 3: helplessness
Description: I've had this dream for a few days now. I called to a reocurring character who has been a source of support since I was a child. This time, I found him in a solitary cell, tied to a chair. A table in front of him. His hair is now long and stringy and hanging about his face, but even from across the room, I can see his face has been reduced to almost pulp. Behind and above him, light streams in the window. All I know I can do is stand by him, comfort him during his pain. I know I can't free him, so I go to him and kneel beside him and rest my cheek on his thigh and try to absorb his pain and feed him my strength. Today took a twist. This time, his head is covered with a black bag. I awoke with terrible stomach cramps, which I have yet to fully block.
Dreamer's Analysis: I have a few theories. One is he represents stomach problems and my own inability or inaction to take care of my own health. Two, by ignoring and running from my empathic side, I am betraying a side of myself and in effect creating my own kind of torture. Three, my life-long character feels betrayed. Four, I have connected with someone who is suffering and needs my support.
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