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Posted by: wew405
Type of dream: Happy
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2010-05-24 01:09:59
Date of dream: 0000-00-00
Keyword 1: furry
Keyword 2: fox
Keyword 3: show
Description: i was walking down a hall way made entirly of bricks. ther ewhere 3 of us, i was in the frount and the other 2 where behind me at both my left and right. i walk past a large opening in the wall and see that a pool covers a good chunk of the room, i knew that if me and someone els where to stand on the 2 pillers jutting just slightly out from the pools serface we could drain it. but then i noteced a woman. off in the top roght corrnor of the room, she had a blue dress on. and she was crying, her knees tuckked into her and her arms over her knees so she looked like a ball. a walked over to her and asked her why see was crying. she sayd "because im lost and cant find my way home". than she looked up at me. the 1st thing i noteced is that she looked like a fox, but with a human shape, the secand thing i netced was her eyes. her eyes where emerald green, big and butifull. although i didnt know it at the time i was basicly entranced. the two guys where behind me now saing. we gotta move. but i toled them this: i wanted to take this woman home, they left. this was all from a 1st person perspective, but the moment i took her hand it shifted to a 3rd person prespective, i realized i was also a fox person. we both had a redish orange fur, i cant remember what i was wareing, i was to concentrated on her eyes. than music played i dont know the name of it or even if it exists at all at this moment, it sounded like a cartoon opening, we started to move though an invisiable door and to her town where we got maryed had childern, they grew up, left, than we took care of the grand parents, all in the span of 10 seconds, at the end of my dream everone lind up, exeot for the two random guys at the begining, and we have a group photo than my vision ternd to black and i woke up.
Dreamer's Analysis: i think the room was an almoast exact replica of a room form the game super mario 64(good game) this dream stood out, i dream in great detail but usualy cant remember that much of it. no one in the dream was a persom i knew. this is also my favorate dream. i dont think this dream realy means anything but feel free to talk about it or ask me questions
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