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Posted by: StrawBetty
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Indifferent
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2010-04-21 22:25:55
Date of dream: 2010-04-20
Keyword 1: Aliens
Keyword 2: Old apartments
Keyword 3: Alien exams
Description: I recall being in my old apartments, me and a group of strangers (people I didn't know)were watching some small performance in a room with no furniture only the ten performers, a crowd of audiences and I. I was staring at one of the dancing small performers because it was looking at me the whole time, as I was focusing on it it started to turn into a grey alien; hands as long as its feet. As it was staring at me and it reached for me. Then I was walking in my old apartments, the furniture was dusty and I felt a sence of sadness. As I was walking by my cell phone started to ring, I answered it and the sound was not human; it was kind of like a reminder that I had to go somewhere. People all around me were getting the same call. I saw a couple of people who either ignored the call or just didn't get one. They were seated down against the wall and I spoke to them about me seeing an alien, they looked interested I said "It was wierd, did you guys get the call? I mean I saw a real alien! I'm so shocked!". Then I was in a line being tested by them I saw my boyfriend and called for him; because we are really close. He waved at me and said that we would be together soon. I was in what looked like a ferris wheel, they were testing our adrenaline and and fear, I looked back and one of my sisters was comforting my mom who suffers from high blood pressure. I wished I was there for her. I felt okay because I don't freak out on rides. As I got down I saw a girl jump off and said she was going to run off. Something told me to stay where I was, even though the whole thing was really bizzare. Last thing I remember seeing was one last trip to my old apartments and once again I felt sad because I knew things were not going to be the same, a woman or what seemed like a woman(she was an alien taking form in a human) was there guiding me I felt secure around her and we walked away from my old apartment door together. three African americans came by a man and two women, the man carried a gun and one of the women carried a laptop. My alien guard snapped at them and told them they were not allowed to bring any of that. They shouted and complained the man pointed the gun at her, the two other women cheered him on. My guard said, "See there are two types of human.. good ones and bad ones" with that she pushed my to the side and got out this really high tech gun out shot it at them with a purple blue light and turned all of them to dust! I was so horrified, I knew she didn't want to kill them but it was either my guardian or the group of ignorrant humans. She gave me a kind/sorrowful look and said we needed to go. I followed her in the hope of seeing my family and my boyfriend.
Dreamer's Analysis: I have no clue actually. Maybe it's because I'm thinking of moving out with my boyfriend soon since I'm in college wanting to start off my own life. We are "high school sweethearts" and want to do our own thing... But why aliens? It's all odd to me.
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