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Posted by: rainwaterdog
Type of dream: None of the above
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2010-02-26 07:03:44
Date of dream: 2010-02-26
Keyword 1: The Boat
Keyword 2: The Monster Bomb
Keyword 3: The Mushrooms
Description: We were over at M&H's, finally sharing their space. After grocery shopping, BM was being really cute. Someone got a call and I went away. I walk walking down this long road and I saw a young african toddler standing in my lane. I picked him up and carried him over to a few other african kids who I assumed were his siblings. They just gave me these looks asking if I was out of my mind. I thought I had done something very helpful. I set the boy down and started walking up hill as the road turned to dirt. I started seeing naked black people everywhere. There was a pile or mound of folks stacked in a beehive shape in child pose one atop anothers back. It was beautiful. As I walked still further I noticed all the different body shape and I became increasingly aware of my own. I felt proud of the animal form that was me. As I walked I looked people in the eyes with complete confidence even though most people were naked. It was turning into an event. People were gently showering and bathing eachother. Everything was very tranquil and everyone seemed to be at peace. I was looking for Michelle. I eventually left the more nature side of things and entered a market, which I would later come to find out was an old boat, half buried into the ground and with multiple levels. I went down some stairs, people were celebrating everywhere. I kept peeking my head into rooms looking for her. Intresting rooms and interesting people. One was a dog massage room. More happened I don't quite remember. I started to go up, but I knew somehow that when I returned to the surface things would be different. (because it was a dream) Sure enough almost all the people had cleared out. Just a market yard and empty streets. The heads of the party that had talked to me were still there talking amonst themselves. A cat came up to be petted. I heard a scooter in the distance and started running toward it thinking it was her. It was just a stand up people mover running in some persons driveway. The monster bomb was very sci fi and it was under a house. Leaky oil fire. The mushrooms were in a field. I picked several as specimen to spore print. My dad had 4 different versions of Wi Running. Everyone was going for a run.
Dreamer's Analysis: I really am grateful for sureal dreams such as these. The bomb was interesting, but I'm not sure what it meant. I really enjoy working with mushrooms. They're beautiful to me.
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