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Posted by: kimagine
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2010-02-20 13:05:57
Date of dream: 2010-02-19
Keyword 1: hotel
Keyword 2: fashion show
Keyword 3: dragon
Description: My parents call me on the phone to invite me to come stay the night with them at a new hotel in town. They are both very excited to show me some things. "They have the BEST Italian restaurant with floor to ceiling fish tanks" Mom exclaimed. "They have apartment buildings in the basement, but make it look like its outside. Its like a cross between Bourban Street and something more urban in New York City. There is someone living there already that you know! I want to surprse you by bringing you back together!" Dad says. Dream jumps. We are already at the hotel having spent the night. It is morning, but the room is on the dark side. I am dressed in fleece burgandy red pajama bottoms with a white snowflake pattern on them, a pale blue-green almost white T-shirt with hunter green hand painted frogs on it. A bright red Micky Mouse hoodie. My hair is wild, unbrushed. I tell my parents I need to get dressed, brush my hair. I cant go out in public looking like this. They laugh. Mom says that if I cared enough to fix the way I look, I should have woken up earlier. Dad says we are on a time table, and if we are to see the restaurant and fish tanks before we see the apartment section, we had to hurry. There was no time to change clothes or brush hair. I zip up the hoodie and we head out the door. It is dark in the hotel also. There is this bright, neon yellow border along the walls, bordering the floor and ceiling. It is just paint, but it is bright enough that it glows and becomes this sort of pseudo light fixture. We walk down the hotel corridor and turn the corner. It looks different now. More tunnel like, narrow, we are walking on a downward slope. The walls still have that same decor, that same neon yellow paint illuminating everything, except the color glow it gives off is more blue-ish. We turn another corner and there are the fish tanks. There are four or five of them. Columns, floor to ceiling. Semi circular or rather flat in back but curved glass in the front. They are all atatched so the fish can swim from one tank to another. They have something in there similar to sardindes, the kind of fish that swim huddled together in schools, except these are bigger than sardines. i have a feel like they are a fresh water rather than salt water fish. They are shaped more like an angel fish, but that is not the type they are either. It is hard to tell what color they are, because it is on the dark side here too. The tanks have a very low light source radiating out of them. It adds more of a blue glow to the blue-green glow already there from the walls. You can barely see some hustle bustle on the other side of the tanks. Mom says that the restaurant is on the other side, but we dont have time. I watch the fish for a bit. They might be brown or dark grey in color and I can see that they have a white stripe. They rush from tank to tank in their tightly formed group. We move on. Down another corridor the same as the last, this one on more of an incline. We stop and Dad says "Go down those stairs." They look cold, metal and grey. It is a short flight, there are only like 5 of them. "Turn the corner and knock on the first door to your right." He seems excited and pleased with himself. I begin feeling some aprehension. I have the sense it is a love interest. I go down the stairs, turn the corner, and sure enough. I know him. An old lover. He is sitting on a pipe made into a fence rail in front of his very French Quarter looking apartment building. His door and building is yellow. The one next to him is more salmon colored, almost pink. He is with two friends of his that I dont know IRL. I remember how I am dressed. I am mortified to be bumping into him looking like this. Before I can back up the stairs backwards and slink away silently, he turns, noticing me. He has a smirk on his face. That cute half smile he used to always get when he was up to no good. His blue eyes twinkle. "Its been a long time." he sais. I nod, look at the ground. Notice that my pajama bottoms have now morphed into old, faded blue jeans with holes everywhere. I become very aware that the material is shredded on my back side, exposing a LOT of my lower butt left butt cheek. I want to cover myself up without being conspicuous, but there is no way to not draw attention, so I just stand there. One of his friends, a large black man, walks over to me and pulls the hood of my hoodie up over my head. He is wearing dark sunglasses and i cant see his eyes. I find myself wishing I had dark shades on as well. "You need to cover up that hair girl" he says loudly, and everyone laughs. I have a moment of some weird, slight lucidity, remembering that in dreams of SS it is usually for some weird sort of booty call, but that after seeing me like this it is likely that wont happen anymore. Then I remember thinking that should not matter, he may have been a visual person IRL but he certainly would not have held what I was wearing or that my hair was unbrushed against me. He used to see me first thing in the morning plenty of times back in the day...but as soon as that thought comes, it is gone and I do not become more lucid than that. Dream jumps. I am outside, it is bright and sunny. I am up on a hill with a lot of people I do not know. There is a fashion show going on. I recognize it as an unofficial taping of Project Runway. All the celebrity judges from the show are there. Heidi Klum, Michael Korrs, Nina Garcia. They usually have a fourth quest judge but I can not make out who it is. I squint and can see it is male. It almost looks like SS, the old boyfriend from the eariler part of the dream. But I think there is no way THAT would happen. (again, a type of minor lucidity I think but nothing more comes of it. I just notice, which is so very common for me to see but not do anything more.) I am with a group of friends I do not really know. And my parents are still there. Mom keeps fading in and out but dad is pretty strong. Mabye because he is talking. He is excited that I got to see S. I just shake my head. He fades away too. I am craning my neck to see the fashion show, but there are a lot of people milling around and it is hard to see more than just a snippet. I can hear the judges speaking. They are judging the designers now. I turn and realize there is a tv screen in front of me, I can watch what they are filming there and I am in the prime location for that. But when I look at the screen, it is kinda blurry. I glance around at everything else around me and can see fine. It does not prevent me from squinting at the flat screen, however. Someone approaches me, calls my name. I look up and relize it is two voices. One coming from the left, one from the right. The one from the right is SS and my heart skips a beat. I glance down to see what I am wearing. It is blurry. I do not know. It might still be those jeans with my butt hanging out or my pjs for all I know. I find frustration in that. From the left is a guy I know I know in dream land but not so sure that I do IRL. He is not someone I am particularly fond of. He is looking at me in the way a lion starved for food looks at its prey. I can almost see the drool hanging from the corner of his mouth. I am revolted and want to get away. I turn my attentions to S, hoping the other guy will get the hint. S. is friendly enough and smiling, and making small talk, maybe things are ok after all? I think I need to give him the coveted 'dream' move (what the heck is that? I find myself wondering. again, minor lucidity fading in and out) He is already standing close to me, so I pivot one step closer and duck my head under his chin so it is almost, but not quite, touching his chest. I know that if he holds this position that all is well. If he closes this half inch gap and we make contact, it is even better, and that will mean sex at his place later. If he pulls away...well...all is lost. He puts his hand on my shoulder and I think oh, thats a good sign. But instead he uses it as leverage to step back and pull away. "It was really good to see you again." he says, and then he walks off. I am disapointed. "Thats ok, I hear a voice on the other side of me. I am still here." I turn and its the other guy I really do not want to see. I am desperate for a way out. He is moving my way, likely trying that dream move on ME...I keep shifting my postion to make his position difficult to manage. I see a teal colored dragon sitting a few feet off in front of me. I know that is my key to get up and out of here. I mutter something about being late, needing to run. He tries to protest, reaches out to grab me, but I am already in a dead sprint for this dragon, and without a moments hesitation, like this is the most natural thing in the world, I jump up on his back and yell "FLY! PLEASE!" and we are airborn.
Dreamer's Analysis: went to bed at 2:30am up at 1:15pm non lucid dream. Dreamed this Friday night/record Sat morning. Friday 2/19 Sat 2/20. re record when lucidipedia is up.
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