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Posted by: kimagine
Type of dream: Sexy
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2010-02-09 11:03:18
Date of dream: 2010-02-09
Keyword 1: body switch
Keyword 2: dance
Keyword 3: warlock
Description: Fall asleep and realize I am not in my body, but rather in the body of a girl from highschool. The understanding is there that this is temporary, for about 24 hours. Dream segways and I am in a van with a guy that looks similar to Kris but isnt. Like a doppleganger or maybe a dream walk version of Kris as he changes sometimes when he and I hook up. He never remembers those dreams on those nights and I forgot to ask him about his dreams this morning, but I digress thats a whole other topic and he and I dont meet in the dream space that often. Anyway, the whole back end of the van was open space floor with no seats. the only seats were the two front driver and passenger seats. Blankets and pillows were strewn all over the floor. Someone who looked similar to, but was not Tyler was driving, eyes glued to the road. it was night time. You could see the lights of other cars blur and bend as we raced by them. that visual did not last long however, as doppleganger kissed my neck, sending shivers through me...and this is where I stop being descriptive, because if you use your imagination you will know what happens next. Exquisite. Dream jumps. i am still in SMs body. I am at some park, it is bright and sunny outside. People are milling around lazily. I find a hose. Its on. Water gushing. I feel playful and pick it up and squirt the nearest hottie. it hits him and a girl near by, both turn, laughing and they find a hose near them and turn water on me. I drop the hose and run. Hottie guy follows, but he has a water gun and now and then we find more hoses on the ground and just have an all out water fight. I am soaked. Tell hottie I need to dry off, as my shirt is see through and I am not wearing a bra. he just grins and says he will wait for me to come out of the gym locker room, but that he is fine with my shirt the way it is. I go inside, find the sink area of this long, windy, maize like locker room. I turn on one of the heat blowing hand dryers and turn it on my shirt. Its not able to do the trick fully and my shorts are also wet so I just strip, discovering then that SM has tatoos in hidden places. Like her bum and groin. I got a giggle out of that and a smile. Dried off, went outside, dream jumps again. Back in my body. I am in a long gown, dressed similarly to my character on Word Of Warcraft. Everyone there is in the same type of garb. We are in a large room with offshooting halls with large posters on them for each class type. I am supposed to find the one for the warlocks, but I cant seem to find it. The room is only so big..I circle it twice, sure that I found it once before with no one near it, but now it is elluding me. I hang out with the mages insgtead. A group of non WOW folks show up. Gangster type, with an old 80s style boom box on their shoulder playing something more like R&B than rap but not quite that music styling either. Its got a sexy beat and one of the guys is a very handsome african american. he locks eyes with mine and raises his eyebrows, asking me without words if I want to dance. I am mesmerized and just stand there as he closes the space between us and molds his tall body around mine and we begin slow dancing in the most provocative manner. the room stops to watch and it is quiet but I dont care, i am swooing in his arms...his heat...the music...his pelvis...I am hyper aware of every touch, sound and smell. His friend with the boom box asks if I am enjoying myself and all I can do is groan. Dream jumps again and the person Im dreaming about is not me, yet maybe it is? I dont quite have that feeling. Im not in anothers body. It is more like I am watching this dream as if it were a movie of another, yet her emotions are my emotions, we are dream connected as this is often the case when I dream this way. She is sitting on a very small balcony of a highrise apartment building in Los Angeles. her feet dangle over the edge and she is looking straight at a highrise building that is taller than her apartment building. It is so close to her building that you cant see the sky or the stars. the street below is dirty. she has moved here from someplace small and sunny. she has a kid but he comes and goes in the movie dream. She left her fiance who was controling. looking for a better life but has no skills and ended up here and too proud to go back. she heads down to the street. the door to the apartment building has a red silohuette of a stripper in a dancing pose on the ground. Much like trucker mud flaps. It is the only real bright color. Just like the other night, this dreams night scape seems devoid of color. It brings me notice. She feels she needs to find a job. she walks down the street, taking in the types of store fronts. There are two that have the light on. She sees through the glass the black men behind the counters of each. she chooses the door with the younger one and enters. no sooner does she say hi when her ears are met with a sharp ringing blow. he has fired a gun into the glass wall between him and her. he glares threteningly. She turns and backs out the door, passing up entering the one next door, ears ringing and hearing diminished. dismayed, she goes back upstairs into her one room apartment. her son is there. an adorable full head of curly brown hair. his nanny is with him. nanny asks her how the girl can expect to raise her son in this dump. girl responds that she could not afford anything else. the city is too expensive. her dream job is somewhere near here. but she does not know what that is. nanny asks if girl has a car. the girl says yes but that her fiance kept it. she has to stay in the city near the bus stops to get around. nanny lectures her, telling her to get the car back. then she could live in the suburbs and drive into the city. tells her if she had the right kind of job, she wouldnt need to leave the suburbs. asks if she can type or cook or clean or waitress or be a nanny herself. girl gets more agitated with each question and picks up her son, who realizes before the words even come what is to happen and his eyes are huge with pain and he is crying. she lifts him up and hands him to the nanny, telling her to just keep him. forever and for good. that she is obviously better for him than she could ever be. she is angry, not hurt. pure rage. the boy is wailing now and it is the only sound you hear. can not hear the voices of the girl and the nanny. i wake up.
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