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Posted by: kimagine
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Did Not Enjoy Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2010-02-07 12:27:19
Date of dream: 2010-02-07
Keyword 1: mall
Keyword 2: boxes
Keyword 3: truck
Description: Kris and I were at the mall. When we finished shopping, we needed to do something that for the dream time was commonplace. you have to go into a side room down a long hall to declare your purchases. They get reviewed and packaged into boxes sealed with red tape, you get a stamp on your main recipet, and then you can go. You are not allowed to leave the mall with purchases if you have not completed this process. Conversly, you are not allowed to leave the room without your purchases if you came into the room with them. the room was very busy, we had to take a number off the wall. We each had our own bag of purchases, so we had separate numbers. Kris' number was the one right before mine. Our numbers were in the hundreds, the wait was long. They got to Kris' number, processed him, and Kris turned to me and said he would go pull the truck around and meet me at the exit doors, for me to call when I was finished. Well, they kept processing people before me. It was like my number was skipped over. They dont allow you to approach the desk without having been summoned; without your number being called. I kept looking at my watch. It was getting late. Kris and I were driving somewhere after this that was 5 hours away. As the line thinned out, the elderly guy behind the counter who looked like Scrooge asked me what my number was and why I was still there. I told him that my number had been skipped, it never got called. Would he check in the back to see if my purchases got packaged into my husbands box since we came in together as an obvious couple, or were they still back there waiting to be processed. He did not say anything or make refrence that he was looking into it, he started working with the next person. I remember looking at my watch and seeing that it was 11pm now. a bit late for the drive ahead of us now. I pulled my cell phone out of my purse to call Kris and ask him to look in his box to see if my purchases were inside it. He answsered thephone with a thick voice. he had fallen asleep and was not fully waking up to register what was going on. One of the guards came over and said outside phone calls prior to having ones package was prohibited. I had to put the phone away and hang up. I was the last one to get my box. I stumbled out the brightly lit room into total darkness in the parking lot. As my eyes adjusted, I noticed that things were all in black and white. I always dream in color,even night scenes. Everything was various shades of black. I scanned the parking lot for our truck, fished out my phone, and woke up Kris again. As I am talking to Kris to rouse him and have him meet me at the curb, I notice figures in the distance. Decidely male. In long, black wolen trench coats. Hands in pockets. Long, lean, menicing. Walking slowly in my direction. they were scattered across the parkinng lot, all headed towards the mall building. Who or what they were, I do not know. I dont know if they were after me. But the energy vibe was not good and I senced that if they got to the curb where i was and I was not already in the truck, that it would be a bad thing. They didnot seem to be working together as a group, but they were all the same in look and feeling. It took awhile to rouse Kris. Just like in real life when he is awaken from a deep sleep, he is sometimes very hard to awaken to full responsiveness. he will prattle on about the dream he is having as though you are a part of it, and the conversation you are having with him is his dream too. As Kris finally came too, realizing he was not asleep and needed to come help me, the figures were nearly upon me. They still seemed far away though, I could not see any more detail in them than I could from a distance. Everything was too dark. the only color was the blue of Kris' truck, and it was greyed and washed out. Dull. A wall of figures blocked the truck from the curb, a good 50 feet from where I was, but keeping the truck from driving anywhere but out of the parking lot. Now I dont know if this then became a lucid moment or what but I remember thinking "no, I dont have nightmares." and it was like a rewind button was pushed. The figures moved back to other various places in the parking lot, Kris came forward with the truck -- other than this time it was a bright fire engine red that was very distinct against the drab black and grey environment. I climbed in, we drove away, I woke up. I am not sure that the dream was lucid. it did not have the same feel as the other lucid dream. that awareness was not as tangible. However, that rewind feature and changing the outcome...very lucid dream like in its elements. I dont know enough about lucid dreams to know for sure if I achieved it again. If so, I do hope that I am able to break out of the rut of only lucid dreaming the end outcome of probable nighmares, and get to the point where I can control happier things, from the get go, for longer bouts of time.
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