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Posted by: Kimagine
Type of dream: Scary / Nightmare
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Did Not Enjoy Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2010-01-31 11:46:12
Date of dream: 2009-12-31
Keyword 1: Alligator
Keyword 2: Floating
Keyword 3: Business Meeting
Description: I think I had my first lucid dream! Or at least the first one I remember or at least know I made the conscious decision to change things. Unfortunately, the lucidity did not occur until the very end, right before I awoke. But at least it happened, it could have been a much more disturbing dream and a true nightmare, which I have not had in years. Usually my nightmares are mild. Kris, my sister and I were going out of town for a business meeting, so it was just the three of us. On the way out of town, we stopped by mom and dads to pick up a special calculator that Lisa needed for the seminar. The seminar was broken into two parts. One in an auditorium with a big theater type stage. Part of our time was spent on the stage, walking in lines with others across it (in this part I was not in my wheelchair. I was on again, off again in and out of it the whole dream), other points we were in the audience watching speakers on the stage, in other parts we were on the stage watching speakers in the audience. When we broke for lunch, everyone was supposed to go outside the building. OUtside looked like Louisiana swamp land, although it was never said where we were going. There were points in the dream where I discussed with Kris traveling between AZ and CA, that we had art related stuff after the seminar so my sub conscious must be thrusting in stuff about GBS and the Tuscon art show, but the mention of it was only once. Anyway, back to the outdoors. There were a main, large, wide, raised wooden walkway that led out of the building. All around underneath the walkway was swamp water teaming with large alligators. On the walkway was a large crack, big enough for one of the larger alligators to thrust parts of his body up into it. We had to step carefully over that part. We all ate on the walk way and then went back inside for the second part of the seminar. For this part, we were in a banquet room. Long rows of tables all facing a long row of table where the speakers sit. My sister was part of the speakers for this segment of the seminar, and she and all the other speakers were wearing long, black judges robes. My sister grabbed the calculator, gave it to me and hurriedly said "Ive got to go!" And then she just bailed. A girl from highschool Jennifer S. was there and came and requested the calculator. It was a special, high end, scientific one and they needed it for calculations. I handed it over and they went to the front table to work with it. Meanwhile, my spasms started acting up, badly. (I was back in the wheelchair at this point.) They were causing me to thrust up out of the chair and then float. I have had many re-occurring dreams where I am floating, my legs still paralyzed, and I float or hover over the ground instead of walk or roll in the chair, and in less pleasant dreams, threaten to float off into the atmosphere into oblivion. Kris had to keep pinning me to the table in front of us, as I would spaz painfully hard, and my body would fly up and out of the chair like a rag doll and land hard on the table, disrupting everyone around us. Only one person really bothered to help when things got bad and Kris did not get to me in time and I flew up over this guys' head and onto the floor and HE helped hold me down. He looked like the cute football player in the TV show Community. Very similar anyway, but it was not him. Turned out the calculator was not working right and in their frustration, the speakers broke it apart. Inside was just a bunch of ticker tape. Jennifer S. returned the ticker tape to me and informed me that the rest had been destroyed. I looked at Kris, angry, and said no wonder Lisa bailed. Now dad will be furious with ME instead of her. Kris said we needed to get going, we had a long walk back and it was dusk. I was back to walking again. We crossed the walkway with the alligators. They must have been somewhere else, there were not as many hovering around the walkway as there were at lunch time. (maybe it was THEIR lunchtime :P ) At the end of the walk way, there were three huge, flat stepping stones that you had to cross to get to the dirt trail on the other side that wound up around a hill. The trail was lined with live oak and spanish moss. Just beautiful. We looked both ways for gators, and crossed the stones. It was when we got to the other side, that my body decided to do that float thing it does sometimes in dreams, and Kris had to hold my hand to keep me from floating off into space. Like I am a human balloon. We noticed an alligator up near the path. It was on a piece of cloth, turning around rapidly in a counter-clockwise motion like dogs do on their bedding or in the grass before lying down to sleep. Kris said it looked busy, and if we just skirted wide to the right, we should miss it and it would not even notice us, and besides, if it did, I would be ok because I was floating far enough over the ground it could not reach me. When we passed it, we were almost up to the trail head when the alligator noticed us and made a beeline straight for Kris. He asked me to float up higher with him, but I could not carry his weight. His weight was my anchor holding me in place. So I told him pull me down. I was wearing high heel stilettos. I pushed the heels into the dirt as my anchor and told Kris I had an idea. I had on a powder blue trench coat (this is a real coat that I had for years, but I dont fit in it anymore.) I took the trench off and right before the gator tried to bite Kris' leg, I thrust the jacket in the gators face, flinging the ends at him. He turned towards me, snapping. I threw the jacket at him and let him have it. He obviously had a thing for material. :P We did not have enough time to get away though, the gator was eating through the coat pretty fast. I looked at Kris and moaned that that was my favorite coat, but that this was ridiculous. It was just a dream and we were not going to get eaten. That was when I wrapped my arms around his waist, slipped out of my shoes, and we flew up together into the sky like Superman and Lois Lane, except I was the man of steel. Right after we took off up into the clouds and all you could see was pale blue sky starting to streak with pink and orange from the sunset, I woke up.
Dreamer's Analysis: I really never really know why. It is only occasionally that something I read or watch that night permeates my dreams right away. When or if it does, its days or weeks later and by then I miss the correlation. I have to wonder now too if I have been lucid dreaming my way out of nighmares for awhile now. I have not had the seriously bad wake up shaking and crying type of nightmare since my 30s. Maybe one here, one there, but seriously over the last decade, I would consider this to be the level my nightmares are at and it is mild compared to some of the things I dreamed in college and when I was younger. They still happen now and then but very few and far between.
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darlinggkelly 2014-03-16 10:26:43 No hahah is a good dream 😌😌😌😌😌😌
kimagine 2010-02-06 12:20:00 Yes That is highly probable. I float a lot on my dreams and it has a feeling of the only way to have freedom from the confinement of paralysis. But it is not always a good feeling, the floating often leaves me feeling helpless and unable to control it. sometimes it is liberrating though, just depends on the dream.
amieboudreau 2010-02-06 12:13:03 Don't Know or my take on it could be also.. alligator is symbolizing your wish to have your feet on the ground, but in your situation you may not feel they are ??
kimagine 2010-02-06 12:07:57 Yes So not neccessarily a BAD thing. I have to say in the dream, I did not like them. Course IRL I really dont either. they are interesting to watch...from a safe distance. Interesting that in my dream I floated a lot and it talks of alligators beinhg a connection to the earth. Maybe I would rather float than have my feet upon the ground? ;)
amieboudreau 2010-02-05 19:21:09 No Alligator by my animal spirits cards symbolizes: Maternal protection; connection to the Earth, protection from manipulation, understanding deceit, revenge through patience, initiation, weather, ancient knowledge, and taking opportunities or risks. They are associated with water/emotion, life and birth, keepers of wisdom...



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