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Posted by: Kimagine
Type of dream: None of the above
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Indifferent
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2010-01-30 13:11:54
Date of dream: 2010-01-30
Keyword 1: robots
Keyword 2: future
Keyword 3: ocean
Description: The dream was in two strange parts but the parts had some character or thing that followed, linking them somehow. In the first part of the dream, Kris, Tyler and I were in the city. We had a grey suitcase with us. We were in a parking lot full of cars. There were people everywhere, talking loudly, cars making all kinds of noises and various beeps. I remember explaining to Tyler that things were different in the city. Vehicles were all run by voice recognition. You just say "unlock driver side door" and the door unlocks. "Open trunk" and the lid ejects. The hustle and bustle of people leaving the parking lot was all of them giving their cars vocal instructions. Admist all the people were cyborg type robots walking around. I am not sure of their purpose, but it had the feeling like the police. No one misbehaved. People did not try to slip into someone else's car when doors flew open upon verbal command before the cars owner were near. We never got into a car or drove anywhere. I might have woken up briefly or I just forgot what happened next, but next thing I knew we were at a house in the country. My granny lived there. (she has been gone from this real world for like 5 years now and always lived in an apartment for all the years I knew her). The three of us were living in the back room, out of the grey suitcase that was on the floor in the middle of the bedroom. A kitten kept following us around. This adorable little grey tabby. It always had some part of a dead bird hanging out of its mouth however. Not so cute. Tyler was not thrilled about that, and the more he complained, the more the cat seemed hell bent on sharing its prize with the three of us. My mom was there, my granny was there, but I dont remember much of what was said although I remember there was conversation. Then out of no where, the house was just...gone..and the suitcase was outside, and it was just Tyler and I. Well along with the suitcase and the kitten. It had a feel like Ireland, although why I say that I dont know as I have never been there. We were on low lying hills over the Ocean, which almost seemed more like a bay because the waters were quite still. The underbrush was not grass, but a low pile of curly, rough greenery. The suitcase was open, turned at an angle, just like in the bedroom. I kept pointing out the marine life in the Ocean, but he was often distracted by the kitten with bird parts. We saw a group of sting rays swim by, an orca come up out of the water, a seal dance and spin along the top of the water also. Tyler asked about the city robots and I remember telling him they would not find us where we had moved to. We were the only people there, aside from an African woman who kept beating the water with a stick and singing in her foreign tongue. She seemed to show up whenever the kitten with the bird parts did. Something about her was disturbing, and we would walk further down the beach away from her when she would show up, only to be found again at the same grassy knoll near the suitcase, watching the water for sea life. Granny and my mother were not in this part of the dream, and Kris came and went. It was mostly Tyler and I.
Dreamer's Analysis: Who knows why I dream what I dream. :P I did watch Doll House before I went to bed but it was earlier in the night. It dealt with Armageddon type stuff...kind of robot people. Yet my dream never really felt forbodding. The only part that ever creeped me out was the African lady but for no real reason. I just remember feeling like we really should not be near her, especially when she was getting aggressive with the water. I remember thinking that she should not mess with the wild life.
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Anonymous 2011-07-03 18:34:17 Yes Birds



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