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Posted by: amr7579
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Indifferent
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2010-01-11 09:21:40
Date of dream: 0001-10-10
Keyword 1: Alien
Keyword 2: Accident
Keyword 3: Hurt
Description: It was an extremely gray and windy day..tons of dark clouds. zero sunlight. I was inside my house only it was only my house in my dream. It was in the middle of nowhere but outside there was some sort of farm shop. There was a meeting being held and I remembered I needed to attend. When walking over there I looked upin the sky and saw lots of massive...ships? Idk..They were flying and shining lights. I grab my phone, tell myself to take pictures cause noone will belive this! I get a few before they land. I expect to see little green people and was suprised to find humans just like everyone else tho they werent from here they were from another galaxy. They had come to fix our economy or help us with war or something. The leader was a middle aged blonde woman as well. They walked into the shop and we all had a meeting. I kept jumping up and down saying how awesome this is because I knew we weren't alone. After the "meeting" they leave and had some kind of grin on their face. Still I can't decide if it was anevil smile or not. Thats that. Then for some reason I left and walked to a hotel. My car appears on the side of one of the blocks. I hop in and my dream switches to my boyfriends point of view like I was him. Being him I hear a huge crash down by a bridge...I run over there to find ...actually me whod jumped in the car..I got into a huge car accident. I blocked out wake up in the hotel bed next to him but feel nothing no pain..nothing. He tells me I was in a bad crash I look at my body which ws covered in massive bruising. I also find that a few of my teeth are falling out so I plan a trip to the dentist. I never make it to t he dentist because he is closed. Then all i can remember isgetting for some kind of going away party. A bunch of ppl show up at some garage. The going away party is for me. I ask why..they tell me because I will die. That all I remember.
Dreamer's Analysis: I don't really know what to think. There were a bunch of things thrown into one massive dream. I DO believe that we arent alone and that there are other forms of living..probably not little green people but we are only one galaxy when there are millions. We can't be the only living people. As for the car accident? I have no idea.
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