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Posted by: rainwaterdog
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2009-12-03 08:05:52
Date of dream: 2009-12-03
Keyword 1: Secret Chamber
Keyword 2: Old house/Death
Keyword 3: Preforming
Description: The first I was thinking about building this tower underwater. It was to rise out from the bottom and come above water level a handful of feet. Then I would pump the water out and have a cavity I could go down into. This changed into looking at an old stone floor and then banging it out like in the Indiana Jones movie. I could see a secret compartment down there. At first I thought it was full of water, but then I was in it and it was a beautiful old house. Huge old windows and dark brown wood. There was this stuffed statue in the corner that was scarecrow like, that I eventually knew was the lady death. She came alive transformed to a beautiful woman and pleasured me. There was something about me and my roommate being a preforming combo. The last involved myself and my girlfriend going to a house show with the Rig. They encouraged me to play like they always do. I walked around rounding up supplies until I realized I wasn't miced and I didn't need my song book. I thought of three songs to play. I know I definitely played Until. The guitar strap felt funny and I was having difficulty playing and singing. I was aware of it, but was comfortable because I was with friends. Eventually things changed and we were all winding down for the night. Beds were there so we started laying down. Michelle reminded me that it was time to go back to our big old house. I think she meant wake up.
Dreamer's Analysis: 1- I love nooks and crannies. 2- I just found out last night that the house we live in and love (rent) might be sold and we cannot afford it. 3- Because I am gearing up to preform and it's a big thing for me.
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