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Posted by: rainwaterdog
Type of dream: None of the above
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Indifferent
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2009-11-25 08:41:46
Date of dream: 2009-11-25
Keyword 1: Soccer
Keyword 2: Mushroom
Keyword 3: Cat
Description: The first involved myself being on a soccer team playing for the first time on our old high school football field. It was so exhilarating because I had always loved playing soccer but never had the opportunity in school. I remembered how good I was at moving around with the ball and getting past people. I was so excited. The passing ball seemed to be slowly exaggerated. Our only opportunity to score came when the ball was passed to a guy by the goal and he attempted to head but it in. It didn't work, but the anticipation of the possibility of scoring was powerful. The other team was much better with most everything, as if to prove this thought each did some unique display of ball handling before effortlessly sending it to a teammate. I realized I must have very specific beliefs about the ethnicity of soccer players because they were all Hispanic. The second was me walking through city streets looking for mushrooms to identify. I saw some new ones and picked them carefully holding a handful, trying to be inconspicuous about it. The thought must have elicited the obvious fear because instantly a police car came driving by. I hopped a fence and ran into a RV park where I ran from camper top to camper top. I love mushrooms, but am fearful of the repercussions for pursuing certain types. The third involved my girlfriends cat catching fire. My father pointed it out and I rushed over in time to smother the start of it out at his belly. I brought him over to a food bowl and let him eat. I was happy to see my other cat and him side by side getting along, because in waking life fear is keeping us from bringing them together.
Dreamer's Analysis: 1- Not sure. Doesn't relate to recent events. 2- I'm experimenting and caught in excitement and fear. 3- I constantly want to bring my cat to live with us, but block it every time. I don't know why Bobby would catch fire... Maybe he was trying to wake me up to be fed :)
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