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Posted by: icesis
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Indifferent
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2009-07-16 21:28:26
Date of dream: 2009-07-15
Keyword 1: Party
Keyword 2:
Keyword 3:
Description: I was going to go to a party with my friend from school. I lived in a different part but same location. We were going to her friends house after coming from this weird march with a lot of people from my school but they werent my friends but i was hanging out with them. After i went with my friend to her frirends house and the sky was black no stars no moon and a little pink. We were in a small group and went to the house where the back had a ditch, We went in the house and i saw a good friend of mines that was acting like a betch that she didnt know me.They were in their bathing suits and they had a little bit of hards too cause the girl had a small indoor pool but her house was kind of ugly in the inside. We went back outside and had to be very quiet constantly being reminded to be quiet or else the cops would come and ruin our plans to have the party in the backyard where the ditch was. We were outside and had to be super quiet causae an oldish man came outside after the guy left we kept walking to go down the ditch and it was really hard cause i ddnt know where i was going and it was like pitch black trying to find my friend...
Dreamer's Analysis: she added me on myspace last night and i saw her pics and some people in her pics were the wierd crowd i was hanging out with...
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