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Posted by: Carmen Baldeon
Type of dream: None of the above
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Don't Remember
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2009-06-19 13:18:51
Date of dream: 2009-03-09
Keyword 1: Canibals
Keyword 2: old fashion car
Keyword 3: Afamily of four
Description: Well. my dream started almost like a movie. It was as if I was there; but, as an outsider. I was in Africa. I saw an old fashion car stranded/stalled/stopped. Inside the car there was a family of four: the father, the mother, the son, and the daughter. The parents were arguing about having to bring the children with them on the business trip and the children were looking out the rear view window, frightened. (I was dreaming this in black and white.) The next thing, they were in a village store. The mother was telling the children to stay close by her. While the mother was paying for the food, the children were taken. The mother said "Let's go." (calling thier names- but I don't remember their names- and turned around.) Immediately, the mother calls her husband, and they get the police authiorities involved to look for them. The police tells them, that they need to find the children before the day is over; because, there are alot of cannibal villages near by. They, go to different villages - searching for the children.(I see so many villages.) Then, all of a sudden, I was in another african village. It was the opposite direction of where the parents were searching. There, I saw, an Amereican couple, hiding behind an object. (I couldn't tell if it was a mud hut/a building.) The little boy was being taken to the center of the village and the villagers were walking towards their capture. At the same time, a pregnant african woman is walking down the street, when she leans forward in pain and gives birth. The villagers immediately run toward her, letting the little boy go. The villagers grab the baby and start cooking it. The American couple, grab the little boy, covering his mouth, so he wouldn't yell/make a noise. They run to a nearby truck and speed away. They don't stop until they get to the airport. Meanwhile, the little girl, is in another village. Now, I'm there, looking. The little girl is to fight, to the death, with someone around her age from the village. Who ever loses, will be soup for the villagers. (I look up when I hear the airplane above. Now, I'm in the airplane, and the American couple are telling the little boy, "We'll soon be home, son." and the little boy says, "But, you're not my parents." Then, I'm back at the village, the little girl just about to start to fight. Then, I'm at the village where her parents are, I'm trying to warn them about their children, where they are. I see the mother but not the father. I start running towards her but I suddenly stop. The mother is talking to a white man and she is crying. I step back, making sure that I'm not seen. (Remember, all of this was in black and white.) (Then, all of a sudden everything is in color)And, I'm in New York! I see the little boy, but he is in his twenty's. He is talking to the American couple, telling them "Thank you for raising me as your son. But, I need to go back to Africa and find my family." The couple tell him that they a problely dead. He said he needed to find out for himself. He leaves to Africa. When he arrives there everything is different. There are not that many cannibal villages/or none at all. He looked for almost three years, but was unable to find anyone who knew/heard about them. Or, who was willing to talk about them. So, he returned to New York. He went to a coffee shop, had some coffee and walked out. As he walked out he bumped into a young woman, she resembled his mom. He said "I know you, your my sister. She was startled and confused. She started to tell him that he was wrong. That she didn't have any brothers/sisters. He kept trying to reason with her and he took out a picture of the family. He said this is you, this is me, this is dad, and this is mom. She looked at the picture and she regognized the mother. Then, she looked at him. (There was a man walking towards them) and she said "Yes that's mom; but this is my father. Would you like to see mom" The young man was confused, but he nodded 'yes'. The next thing every one was inside an apartment(I'm still looking in). The girl is first, then, the young man, and last, her father. From the door, you can see a woman lying on a hospital bed, with machines and wires attached to her. The girl tells the young man that mom is ill, would you like to get closer to her and see her before she passes away. As, the young man walks closer, the father locks the door behind them. When the young man gets closer to the woman , he picks up her arm. He is startled and frightened. He sees that her skin is just placed over her skeleton body and that an oxigen machine is just helping her look like she is breathing and barely alife. He turns toward the girl and the father. The girl touches his shoulder and smiling, says, "Soup anyone". (And, thats when I woke up.)
Dreamer's Analysis: I really don't know? I,m hoping someone can tell me.
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