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Posted by: dreamlight
Type of dream: None of the above
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Indifferent
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2009-04-28 01:59:12
Date of dream: 2000-02-00
Keyword 1: He made me remember
Keyword 2: past forgotten
Keyword 3: deja vu
Description: She found herself in a cafeteria sitting with her girl friend drinking juice while watching the t.v. It was a flash report, the reporter said that walking outside the street would be dangerous because there was some sort of a "big lion-like creature" on the loose. People were advised to stay safe at home. Hearing the report, she was quickly alerted. She stood up and directly went out of the cafeteria door. Her friend stayed behind worrying for her. She walked out and then just a flash she found herself in an open basketball court. There were scattered people there but she was amidst a group of young people discussing about the recent report made in the t.v. She couldn’t help but notice a particular person there amongst the group opposite to where she was standing. A tall young man wearing leather black clothes talking with another guy. He was mysterious enough to look at and she wondered who he was. Then in an instant, she remembered a name, Vince Allen. It was the guys name and he was the leader of the group. They were a group of people hunting down dangerous creatures that escaped or is just wandering off the city. She was one of the group which was an elite force. He was attracted with her. Working with her was his way of showing her his feelings. Always making sure she will not be harmed. Every time their eyes met, her heart pounded fast. And his mysterious looks and his inviting smile, it made her feel protected. She noticed her childhood infatuation sitting down at the shade of the coconut tree with his friends but she didn’t mind for her heart was more preoccupied with Allen’s presence. Looking at the dress she was wearing, she found out that it was dirty so she decided to go back home and change some clean clothes. Before she reached her grandmother’s house which was just beside her family’s house, she saw a white mansion with a big terrace covered with bushes of red roses. It looked stunning seeing the sight of the terrace but what she saw pounded her heart even more faster than at Allen’s presence. She saw coming towards the rails was a gentleman wearing a white tux bringing with him a glass of red wine. She stopped from walking as she looked hard towards the terrace to see him clearly but she was startled upon seeing the he too was gazing back at her intensely. He was the main leader of another elite batch competing their own group. She didn’t know his name but she knew what was his status. She managed to look away from his glances while her heart beat so fast. She was feeling uneasy at that moment. She hurriedly walked towards her grandmother’s house thinking to herself "please be fast". Then, in an instant he was at her back purposely walking fast to reach her. She noticed him and managed to turn around the garden as she reached her grandmother’s house. The garden was full of hanging blankets waving as the wind blew slowly. She knew she should stay away. She knew she shouldn’t mingle with him. She tried to escape from that moment but she was trapped in the garden. She stopped and turned around to face him. It was now the time to confront him. The time to let out all that was troubling her. She was trembling. Her hands clutched as her thoughts started to float. Somehow, deep inside her, she was not acknowledging a feeling. He stood in her front just a few steps away. Their eyes meet again while the blankets keep wavering. He whispered her name gently and she was astonished. His voice seemed familiar. She asked herself why does she feel different in his presence? Why does she seem so lost with his gaze? In a second, he step forward. But as he get closer to her she stepped back. Their was silence between them. Again, he stepped closer to her but she again moved back. He asked her why is she always keeping a distance from him? Why is she moving away from him? She didn’t know what to answer. Its as if all her thoughts were blank. He keep on staring at her. He was enthralled by her presence. She kept on moving back until she was trapped by the wall at the end of the garden. He whispered her name again and this time. He spoke the words that surprised her so much. "I’m so in love with you…" Those were his uttered words. "No.. Please stop it!" "No … Please stop. Go away.." She kept on begging him to stop from saying any further words. But he kept on speaking while stepping even more closer to her. She couldn’t not get away now. She was bewildered. She was trying to escape from him but something hold her back. She was captivated by his deep gaze and the fact that he was walking much more nearer to her. She wanted to shout out but all she could say is "No".. His words lingered in her mind and it painstakingly stirred up her deepest most furtive feeling she never wanted to discern. Abruptly, she muttered his name. "Ruen…….."just in time he reached to where she stood. Seemingly, it just went out of her mouth. He looked at her endearingly and he gave a sweet smile. He took the last step towards her and then he grasped her left arm and pulled her close to his front. He enveloped her with his strong enduring arms and hastily kissed her trembling lips. She was immersed by his kisses. His lips never stopped to trace every curve of her wet lips. It was so intense that it stop her lips from trembling. She tried to struggle from his arms. She tried to push him away. But his strength overcome hers. At that moment, she felt as if she longed for this to happen. She felt it was so familiar that she didn’t held back. His kiss took her suppressed feelings out and then she gave back his kisses. It was so passionate that she couldn’t hardly breath…. A flash of light came and then she found herself lying beside him. Naked……. She knew that it happened. Looking at him sleeping calmly made her cherish that moment. But suddenly she remembered about the events that happened before she was with him. She promptly got out of her bed and looked at the mirror to check herself then quickly put on her clothes and went to the back of her grandmother’s house. She shouldn’t let anyone see her with him. She mustn’t. She took the backyard so that nobody could see her getting out. She wanted to take at least one more look at him before she will go but she couldn’t jeopardize her status. Climbing up the wall and reaching at the other side made her shudder greatly. In front of her was the "big lion-like creature" ready to attack. Its grinning teeth has saliva dripping all over the ground. Its furious night black eyes made her freeze up preventing her from running away. She was now in peril and she knew any second from now the creature could tear up her skin and lavish her frail body. But the fact that the creature was in her front ready to attack was not on her thoughts. She knew if she would shout out and call for help her group or at least anyone would be in time to save her from getting eaten all up. But she was in dilemma. She didn’t know which name to call out. "Ruen?" "Vince Allen?" Who will she call out for? Just as the creature leaped at her. The dream abruptly ended. The dreamer wanted to finish the dream. She wanted to know what will happen next but she never got to the dream back again. Until this day, she had been hunted by the moment with her and Ruen. His name kept on lingering in her mind. There are times that he will show up in her other dreams but then vanish quickly. At times that the atmosphere is gloomy and rain comes pouring in, the moment with Ruen comes fresh in her mind again. And the scent of his presence becomes so undeniably evident. Every time she utters his name, tears begin to fall from her eyes and her heart starts to feel the agony of missing. Was it just a dream……..? She will always remember his name. Ruen………
Dreamer's Analysis: I think to remember my past... The past that I have forgotten. He let me remember it. I am not good at remembering names in my dream. This is the very first name I have remembered ever since I started dreaming in my human life.
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