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Posted by: buccaneersdj
Type of dream: Scary / Nightmare
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Indifferent
Recurring: Yes
Date posted: 2009-01-19 15:18:29
Date of dream: 0000-00-00
Keyword 1: ceiling
Keyword 2: float
Keyword 3: demon
Description: I had the sensation of falling and when I "woke up" I was floating to the ceiling, kicking and flailing to try to get back down to the bed. Then a person (which I could not see) told me (BUT NOT SPOKEN) I would have to give him oral sex and then he would let me back down from the ceiling. Then I woke up.
Dreamer's Analysis: ?
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wew405 2010-04-09 23:58:33 No first off, that would be realy scary. ok what i think you need to do is to not be afraid to float, if it happens agan enjoy floating, i think that will help. as for the deamon, he might just be a figment you have drudged up as an excuse to float, but u have never had an at all simeler experiance myself and would probly have to experiances it ferst hand to give you real advice. good luck i have this dream dosnt haunt you for long.




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