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Posted by: Gurvir
Type of dream: Scary / Nightmare
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Indifferent
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2009-01-02 10:31:42
Date of dream: 2009-01-02
Keyword 1: Nuclear Bombs
Keyword 2: Experiment
Keyword 3: Aliens
Description: The dream starts out with me and my family being teleported to an unknown location in what seems like a desert. In a stone house with other people being teleported in at the same time as us. We are not told anything and remain there for hours when suddenly food is transported to our location. We start asking around to figure out what is going on and no one seems to have a clue. The place has all the necessityís needed such as a bathroom. I just happen to meet the girl of my dreams there and what seems like days turn into weeks. There had been a few people that tried to escape the location (never returned) but most did not risk it with it being what looked like a desert for miles. Eventually I had gotten sick and tired of being trapped there so I had told this mysterious woman that I had fallen in love with that I was going to try and escape and together a plan is made to conserve food for a few days as it is being teleported and to prepare for a journey. When the day came we set out not telling anyone and leaving towards the desert. It was to our Surprise that within 1 hour of walking we found over what appeared to be (over a ridge) a steel fence surrounding the area. Over the fence we see buildings that are sky high and what appears to be robots roaming parts of the street. We find a narrow path and crawl under it to the other side and just as we get over we hear what sounds like a gun shot. We then see a man dressed in a high tech army suit running towards us and pointing. We run around the corner and see regular people staring and pointing at the sky. We turn around and to our surprise it looks like a small missile heading over the fence towards where our family was. I scream out in disbelieve as I look across the fence I see all the people that had been living with us climb over and under the fence. I greet my family and I am relieved that they survived. Just as I am done I hear another missile hit the a building about 3 blocks from us. Everyone starts to panic and run and just as we do I hear one last missile and it is heading right towards our location. It hits about 30 feet away from us but takes what seems like an eternity for it to go off. I run to try and evade it and I see my family praying as they know it is too late.But somehow I am able to outrun a missile blowing as I am in what seems like a slow motion capture. I see a big ball of fire heading my way and my last image is seeing the mysterious women running towards a really big building.
Dreamer's Analysis: I dont know why i had this dream but it just felt really out of place after i woke up. I know for a fact that somehow i outran the missile and survived as i was bout to get up from after surviving the blast but i woke up.
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