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Posted by: stonesitter
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-12-29 03:58:21
Date of dream: 2008-12-28
Keyword 1: ferry boat
Keyword 2: menstration
Keyword 3: park
Description: the first dream or the first one I can recall as it all seems so jumbled. I was getting on a ferry boat, one that takes cars and people ad was with a woman whom I was interested in. I told her to go about her job which was to make sure the cars were blocked and strapped in properly. That Id see her later and I didnt want to distract her from her work. Later I was lying down with many people, apparently we slept on the ferry floor. as we arrived a large fellow got up and spoke loudly to the staff that they would remember him. He was offensive ins some way. I sat up and said yes we would all remember his as the obnoxious person. It got some laughs and we all started getting up and moving out. AS I arose I looked down where Id been lying and saw a large spot of blood. I realized Id started my period and was unprepared. After we landed I found a public restroom in a lovely wooded area - perhaps a park? There were several women in teh stalls as I entered. Toward the back I could see the wheel chair stall was not taken and I needed space to clean myself. The places was very messy and some of the toilets didnt work. Some how I got into the wrong stall I was using the toilet in the stall next to the wheel chair one where Id placed my clean clothes. A woman came in and went into the wheel chair stall. I told her that was my stall and we could switch but she was in a hurry and disagreed. I saw her point. Anyway she ended up helping me as I needed a bunch of toilet paper. It was all rather friendly and I managed to clean up and we sort of all left in a group.
Dreamer's Analysis: well teh woman in teh beginning was clearly my future partner but she is occupied with gettign things in order right now. The ferry is my journey - it is bIG and busy with many people. The period I've no idea and the park was lovely.
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