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Posted by: cadillackin
Type of dream: Scary / Nightmare
Time of day: Daydream
Enjoyment level: Did Not Enjoy Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-12-12 11:56:21
Date of dream: 2008-11-08
Keyword 1: hate
Keyword 2: killing
Keyword 3: death
Description: This dream is in two parts, one fictional and the other a subconsciously repressed childhood memory that was forced back into my conscious memory. My repressed childhood memory, which was reality, cannot be appropriately shared here so I will let my therapist help me deal with that. In the fictional first part, I was an army officer riding in an army truck with my CO, I was a major and he was a colonel. We stopped in a small town as we needed help of some kind (the dream did not specify), we went into this redneck bar and my CO asked the bartender if he could use the phone. The bartender nastily said no and then he and everyone else in the bar took an instant dislike towards him. They grabbed him and carried him away, ignoring me completely. I drove around looking for him and found him in someone's yard, sitting propped up next to their house, all ripped up. The yard was gated and fenced in. I started to go in after him but he ordered me to stay out of the yard. He said he'd been attacked by a pit bull and warned me not to come into the yard lest I suffer the same fate. When I protested, he ordered me back into the truck and to leave while I still could, get to the nearest military base, warn them and bring back help. After hesitating for a few moments, I got back into the truck, obeyed my orders and hightailed it out of there.
Dreamer's Analysis: As for the fictional part, having served in the army in reality, I've served in war and watched comrades die. When I was a drill sergeant later in my career, I lost a recruit to a training accident. She survived but was maimed, losing a arm. As for the suppressed childhood memory, when we experience something too horrible to bear we blot it out of our conscious memory and I guess my mind figured I was now strong enough to deal with it so it put it back into my conscious memory.
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Anonymous 2008-12-31 13:05:31 No A good question to ask is what does the pit bull represent? Something that is threatening, or a problem in your life? Something that you want to sort out head-on but somebody (maybe the therapist) is urging you to tackle it with help instead of right away all by yourself?



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