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Posted by: stonesitter
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-10-28 02:53:40
Date of dream: 2008-10-28
Keyword 1: bicycle
Keyword 2: pink helmet
Keyword 3: floors
Description: The early dream-I was in Maine at NEila’s house, there seemed to be a strom and I needed to borrow her bike and as it turns out a pink bike helmet. Apparently it had something to do with some emotional work for me (of course teh obvious would be around R) When I got back from where ever I went to NEila’s house Mark and Cameron were laying down new wood floors - in every room of their home. ANd Mark was in the kitchen trying to lay down adn fit actual tree trunks!
Dreamer's Analysis: I don't know about riding the bike - perhaps it was th eemotional me trying to reach R and the trees the guys were laying down were to help ground me.
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