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Posted by: suprdreamer
Type of dream: Happy
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: Yes
Date posted: 2008-10-21 09:27:58
Date of dream: 2008-10-21
Keyword 1: mom
Keyword 2: 70's
Keyword 3: music
Description: My dream started off in the basement of the church I attended as a youth. There was a group of people milling around and my friend Jane. There seemed to be some sort of trade show going on. I wandered through the room with Jane following me. It started to sink in that this was a religious trade show and some of my co-workers were there. I got really excited when I saw the free stuff. It was all real cool stuff like Jesus highlighters and the lives of the Saints rulers. Jane grabbed my arm and told me not to take anything. I told her I didn't see the harm. It was all promotional stuff anyway. I started loading up. Grabbing highlighters, rulers, holy whiteout... all the stuff I could use at my desk. She finally was able to pull me out of the room. The next room (once again, the kitchen of the house I grew up in) we walked into was full of food, mostly gone food. Most of the tables with plates with scraps of vegetables on them, emptied out dip bowls and remains of bread loaves. I was disappointed because I really wanted some carrots and ranch dip. (??) Jane was gone. I turned to look for her and she no where to be found. I saw a short stair way (3 to 4 steps) and saw my (long dead) mother. She was dressed in her denim pants and shirt from the 70's with all the embroidery on it. She had a cool pair of aviator sunglasses on with her hair cut in that 70's shag. She was holding a rust colored cloth belt in her hand. She had a needle and thread in the other. She was sewing rhinestones on the belt. We talked for a minute (never long enough when she pops into my dreams) and then she was gone. I walked up the stairs and into the next room. I looked down and saw that I was wearing a rust colored coat that matched the belt Mom was working on. The sleeves were huge belled sleeves. I raised my arms, Oliver's "Good Morning Star Shine" started playing. I flapped my arms gracefully like a bird and raised off the floor. The room was huge like the ballroom in the "Fearless Vampire Killers" (or any other gothic vampire film of your choice) and I flew around the room. The music was playing and I was floating. 6 people walked into the room and stood in a line near the back. I floated down and flew around them. That's when I noticed that Mr Kotter (Gabe Kaplin) had entered the room... I thought, that is Mr. Kotter and woke up. [s]
Dreamer's Analysis: I just heard from my friend Jane. Mr. Kotter? Good Morning Star Shine??? no clue
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