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Posted by: suprdreamer
Type of dream: None of the above
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Don't Remember
Recurring: Yes
Date posted: 2008-10-06 11:54:25
Date of dream: 2008-10-02
Keyword 1: trailor
Keyword 2: subdivision
Keyword 3:
Description: I was at home with S. Once again, it is not our house, but the house I grew up in. It was around 10:00 pm or 10:30pm. Dave Y showed up and was with S in the living room. S left the room and returned with two pieces of fabric and an ugly store bought cable knit purple sweater with a matching fur collar. He tossed them to Dave Y and said "here, these are for you." I cringed that he would give the old ugly sweater to Dave and curious as to why he gave him the fabric. Dave just smiled and said thanks. I walked out into the night in my bathrobe. Suddenly I was across the street looking at my (parents) house and in the kitchen window I could see a woman who looked like Patsy A. I hadn't seen her for years. That's when I noticed the house was really a trailor. Then I noticed that the trailor was starting to move. Not like in an earthquake but more like it was going to go mobile and move. Sure enough, the trailor started to roll down the road toward a busy street to it's doom and destruction. Then like in an action film, it turned sharply in the street and stopped. I walked across the street and went back into the house (it was stationery again) I looked into the living room and saw Dave Y asleep on the floor. I went into the bedroom and saw that S was asleep in bed. Then I heard sounds in the back of the house. I went towards the noise and found about 5 girls dressed in bridesmaids dresses. I said that they would have to leave because this was a private home. A woman walked up to me and showed me a receipt for the rental of the house until 2:30 am. She said that S had rented it to them and they were staying! (she was angry) I walked out of that room and into another. It was like a class room. I sat down at a desk. I looked down at my arms and saw that I was wearing a denim shirt (not me) and the sleeves were rolled up. I turned to look at the man standing against the wall. He was in his 30s, blond and balding. He had very light blue eyes. When I caught his gaze, he glared at me and muttered something about hating me. I was shocked that he was so vile towards me. I looked at him again and he said something about me and Obama. I woke up still a democrat in a red state.
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