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Posted by: saucerdesigner
Type of dream: Sexy
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-10-03 14:24:50
Date of dream: 2008-09-07
Keyword 1: red, dragster, funny
Keyword 2: resentment, ass, fue
Keyword 3: Wednesday, ducted-fa
Description: Well, one part of the dream was sexy:) • I saw a red dragster (funny car) parked at a roadside restaurant (like a Dairy Queen). The driver was leaning to the right as if looking for something on the passenger side of the car. As I passed by I asked “Did you win?”. I don’t think he heard me because there was no reaction • I saw L.H.. I asked him “Hey! Do you still have ol’ Jerry’s dick up your ass?” • I walked up to a outdoor terminal where payments were taken for fueling automobiles. The automobile for which I was paying was on a conveyor system on the other side of a fence. I asked someone who was standing there “This is for Wednesday’s car, right?” He said “I don’t know, you’d better go check.” I jumped of the fence and ran forward in the line of cars looking for the correct car. They were not all marked. I asked someone standing there “Is this Wednesday’s car?” He looked at the grill which had been disassembled and said “Yes, this is Wednesday’s car. See the ducted fan?” • I was in bed with a female stranger (seems like I know her from somewhere). She was tall and slender. I snuggled up next to her and put my arm around her. She turned over and prepared to give me a blow-job. Then there appeared another female whom I did not recognize • Someone was explaining a human-powered vehicle (like a bicycle-powered vehicle) and I asked him “who makes it?” He couldn’t tell me because the nameplate was illegible. I jumped down and looked at the next one on the assembly line but I couldn’t see the name. • Mother asked me to put some long square fiberglass tubes on a shelf (the second shelf on the wall above and behind a stove). I tried pitching them up there but it became apparent that I would have to climb up to place them correctly because there was so much stuff on the shelves.
Dreamer's Analysis: Funny car: no clue L.H.: we used to have a symbiotic relationship, but it has soured over the years. My resentment is evident. outdoor terminal: no clue, I've used ducted fans in an experimental aircraft design though Female Stranger: I've been lonely too long bicycle-powered vehicle: I'm riding a bicycle ever since my truck was repossessed Mother and fiberglass tubes: Mom was very supportive of my childhood model building hobby, she transitioned many years ago, I've considered using fiberglass tubes in model building since her passing
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