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Posted by: saucerdesigner
Type of dream: None of the above
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Indifferent
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-10-03 14:02:00
Date of dream: 2008-09-11
Keyword 1: Meixcan foreman, lan
Keyword 2: patrol car, speed tr
Keyword 3: break room, vending
Description: • A former flight student (or someone who looks like him or represents him) had a Mexican foreman who came up to me and asked me if I was (my name). I said yes and he started speaking to me in a language I didn’t understand and began to walk away, but I knew what he wanted. He was going to put me to work and I knew that it was going to be hard, strenuous work and I didn’t want to do it. As he walked away I said “Hey, what did you say, what did you want?” I saw the person who looked like my former student who said “Well, let’s go find him, he’ll work you.” • Something about a patrol car hiding in a speed trap, some mention of evidence • I was in a room resembling a break room for a company. I was standing in front of a vending machine playing for chances to win money. As I was putting a roll of coins in the machine from a cardboard tube, a large, gentle man walked by and told me I shouldn’t be playing that machine during work time (as if to say I was then on the clock and should wait until my break) • I was in a room with some other people and someone had rented me a connection, like a USB connection to some computer hardware and I asked how much it was going to cost me. The person I had rented the connection from replied “the same as the use of your printer” meaning it would have been no charge to me since he was using my printer on the network.
Dreamer's Analysis: Mexican foreman: I've been studying Shamanism. Someone whom I greatly respect sent me a quote: "When Heaven is about to confer A great office upon a man It first exercises his mind with suffering And his sinews and bones with toil It exposes him to poverty And confounds all his undertakings Then it is seen if he is ready" -- Moshi" Patrol car: don't know Vending machine: I've been playing the lottery USB connection: I'm a computer tech and have had lots of trouble with my internet service lately
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