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Posted by: denis
Type of dream: None of the above
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Indifferent
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-09-12 19:34:53
Date of dream: 2008-09-12
Keyword 1: Nuclear War
Keyword 2:
Keyword 3:
Description: I was dreaming that I was near the water, it looked like near the ocean by a sea wall, I rolled under the Pier and there was a war betwwen the two forces the Us and Russia it was nuclear, I was part of a seminar involving the CIA, the US armed forces. There was an impasse that could not be resoled with the russians, there was an incident that ended in a show of forces and the Russian first sended a nuclear bomb that exploded near DC up on some hill but for some reason I was running and end up under a concrete pier with enough space for me to be able to breathe and survive, the nuclear wind more like a tornado, killed a lot of people and destroyed buildings and others blew over the concrete wall, There was a extremely strong light,I lived throught it but I then saw more of nuclear heads flying over my heads comning from the Russians, I was a multiple show of nuclear heads from both sides, I was confused I thought the nuclear heads could have been stopped and either blowned away, I took refuge there were more explosions, I sitll survived, I woke up shortly there after, I do not remember how the country side looked like, there was a lot of activity on the soil from the tanks and armed forces from the two countries, lots of helicopters flying as well over head going from one place to another without much incentive as all the explosions were nuclear.I was concerned about my son and younger daughter about there where abouts but not my wife I flet she could take care of her own, I think the kids were in school and I was thinking do they have a nuclear plan are they safe, but after a while since everything around me was destroyed I do not think he did really matter
Dreamer's Analysis: Maybe a loss of control in the family situation
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