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Posted by: lula303
Type of dream: Scary / Nightmare
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Did Not Enjoy Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-08-19 17:02:27
Date of dream: 2008-08-18
Keyword 1: Petrified
Keyword 2:
Keyword 3:
Description: In my dream I remembered a close friend told me about a killer that used a decoy to get your attention while they entered your house. [this never really happened but it was in my dream]Anyways I was in a garage of my house [i have never seen this place before but somehow i knew it was mine] and I was smoking. It was dark outside and all of a sudden this lady comes in my garage askin if I had seen here lost dog. We were talking for a bit then all of a sudden this guy came bursting in and I knew it was the killer. I immediately yelled for my fiance for him to help me but he never responded to me. All of a sudden my older sister and her two kids came over. The man told me to act natural or we would all die. I was trying so hard to let my sis know somehow but she acted like everything was cool and this guy was my friend. My eldest niece started to tell her something was wrong but she wouldnt listen. I turned to the this guy and kneed the hell outta his crotch and yelled for everyone to run. My nieces went one way while me and my sis stayed together. I had gotten into a parked car through the passenger door and this guy was hiding on the floorboard right in front of me. I started to kick the hell out of him and my sister got in the drivers side. While I am smashing this guys face he dropped a cell phone. My sis picked it and I was yelling at her to not use it because it controlled a bomb. She kept saying she had to call her husband and let him know what was happening. I kept trying and trying but she used it and an explosion happened behind us injuring me, her, my Fiance. This woke me up but then I immediately went back in the dream. Now me and my fiance are in my car. I am going completely histerical because of what happened but he keeps telling me im ok so dont worry anymore. We pull up to this gas station with windows everywhere. He wants to go in by himself but I am freaking out hardcore. He tells me to just lock my doors but my door wont even stay shut. Finally I talk him into letting me go in with him. We get in there and the clerk asks me y I am freakin out and crying. I yell to her I need the number to the police but my fiance tells her to dismiss me I am having a bad day. All of a sudden the sky gets really dark and it gets real windy. Then right next to the gas station a huge airplane crashes to the ground and everyone freaks out. People are running all over and they just leave me in the gas station all alone... I woke completely petrified I went to lay in bed and just started crying I woke up my fiance and told him this whole thing while I balled. I even had to make him turn on the bathroom light and I am 23 years old I stayed up for atleast an hour just staring into our hallway. I was soo scared to fall back asleep and couldnt move as I cried till i fell back asleep...... Am I crazy?
Dreamer's Analysis: Dont know but it scared the shit outta me
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