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Posted by: kelseyrae333
Type of dream: Scary / Nightmare
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Did Not Enjoy Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-08-15 05:43:05
Date of dream: 2008-08-15
Keyword 1: murderer
Keyword 2: scary
Keyword 3:
Description: so me and my roommate adna went to a movie together not knowing what it was about. in real life adna will NOT go see a scary movie if her life depended on it. so as we are watching the movie it turns out its about this murderer who puts spikes on the road at dark to mobile homes and when they get a flat tire he kills them and puts them in another person trunk. after the movie i was in the back seat with my friends (not the same night as the movie) and i dont remember why but we wanted to check the trunk. so we tried checking it from the back seat to see if there was one of those tabs you can pull the seat down. there was and the bodies flew right next to me and we freaked out and got out of the car. i dont remember what happened after that but then i was at a mall and there was this dad and sister and brother and uncle.. we met with them and this brother, who was identical to the famous pete wentz, was obsessed with me. he would not stop literally pulling me in the direction they were going. he insisted i come on the elevator and go with them. so i was being tugged by him and at the last minute i RAN the other way to freedom. he gave me the evilest look and saddest look and they walked in the elevator. i thought to myself why not give him a chance.. so i ran quickly and slide into the elevator with them. he was soo happy. but they were all sitting down and eating food. the sister asks everyone if theyll split onion rings with her and after asking everyone im like helloo i will! then the chinese lady brought them their drinks and asked me what i wanted and since she was chinese i ordered orange chicken even though no one had chinese on their plate and she went and got it. then we were at their spot with their mobile home. there were three beds in the home. everyone chilled outside by the lake. i noticed their dad was a huuuge asshole and nobody liked him. anyway during this time i was there with someone else and he got murdered by this pete looking guy. and i was creeped out so i tried to leave and he stopped me. so he proposed to me to make sure id stay and just to not get murdered i said yes. he had these cardboard cut outs he was trying to fill up that he'd pin up dead bodies to them and you'd see the blood drip down and he needed one more. one day we were down by the lake at night i dont know how it happened but we had sex and it was his first time. he was assuming it was mine but after he found out it wasnt he freakout out. he then looked at his privates and bumps starting to form (i just got std tested yesterday, not diagnosed or anything but im guessing where that part comes from). anyways he got super pissed. i was trying to apologize saying that since we loved eachother we'd be the only ones with one another. he went away for a while that day. and while he was gone i wasnt able to leave so i hid under one of the beds and feared my life. after coming out the dad screamed "KILL! YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO KILL!" and he just kept repeating stuff like that. pete guy grabbed a knife and i dashed off. then i stopped and saw his dad pinned to the cardboard. and then it was me and him and his uncle standing there looking at it smiling with pete guy's arm around me.
Dreamer's Analysis: couldn't tell ya
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