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Posted by: cole
Type of dream: Happy
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-08-05 21:14:06
Date of dream: 2008-08-05
Keyword 1: love
Keyword 2:
Keyword 3:
Description: last night i had this dream that me and my family arrive at some nice hotel, not sure ware but we check in and go to our room on the top floor and after were all settled in i go to the loby and just happen to meet this girl and we start talking (not sure about what) but we like fell in love, she was wearing a pink dress and had blonde hair kinda all done up and she had the softest skin ever, so we start hangn out and go for a walk outside this hotel right out front ware they got this long huge pool type thing with a fountain ware ud like throw coins and all i can remember is us talking and smiling and laughing, we start holding hands and walk around all day and the majority of the time we are in the hotel lobby, then nightfall comes along and i remember sitting against the lobby desk with her in my arms and my dad and mom talking to eachother and then to me saying "you know this isnt real, its not gona last" and then i start crying, thinking about what they were saying so i just hold her closer and kiss her on the top of the head and then i start hearing music and fireworks and by this time its night, we get up holding hands and walk outfront ware theres tons of people watching th fireworks above the pool thing and we hear the music so we start dancing slowly and i close my eyes and we start spinning slowly in a circle and im just smiling hoping this moment will never end and i cant describe how amazing i felt, like she was the one for me and everything we did togehter was perfect, then slowly she starts to fade out of my arms and im left standing alone then i wake up....
Dreamer's Analysis: maybe i had this dream because im seeking love, but i dont no
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