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Posted by: KelseyRae333
Type of dream: None of the above
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Did Not Enjoy Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-08-01 00:17:35
Date of dream: 2008-08-31
Keyword 1: confused
Keyword 2:
Keyword 3:
Description: outside my house there was this wall with random pictures of me and friends. One of the pictures was one of me that I liked. There was a boy in the background, his head was popping out from the back of a bed. He was blurry and you couldn't really see him. One day a car drove up to my house with a buncha people. Out came this girl, Stephanie Foged that I worked with a couple years ago. She was really mad. She took me to the wall and said "Why are you hanging out with my boyfriend!" I didn't know she was talking about. I told her it was a little boy I babysat cause thats who it looked like.. I didn't remember when the picture was taken. She left mad. The next day half my pictures were gone on the wall. I told my friend that she was crazy and who cared even if me and him hung out. She came back and showed me another picture of her boyfriend and me in a group picture. Her boyfriend was with her when she showed me. Apparently it came off my wall. He was kind of embarassed. I remembered that day now. I hung out with like 20 people for a couple minutes. I didn't even talk to her boyfriend that day, nor did I recognize him. He didn't recognize me either. She was pissed and stormed off. I thought it was prettyy weird.
Dreamer's Analysis: Well on my door in my room I have a picture collage of me and my friends. I also watched a video I made of my friends the night before I had this dream and there was a random picture of Stephanie in it. So that might have to do with why she was in my dream. Also one day her boyfriend texted me who is this? And we didn't know eachother. After a few texts we found out Stephanie was how we knew eachother. I saw her at the mall with him and I didn't say anything to him while we were talking so I'm not sure why he had my number.
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Anonymous 2013-12-16 12:07:47 No lol
Anonymous 2013-05-11 22:52:26 Don't Know Stephanie foged is a bitch




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