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Posted by: jayshreejaiswal
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Did Not Enjoy Dream
Recurring: Yes
Date posted: 2008-07-25 01:30:41
Date of dream: 2008-06-18
Keyword 1: lady keeps commandin
Keyword 2: me praying
Keyword 3: snake runs away from
Description: In my dream i very often see a dark tall lady with a vermilion ( red) colour on her forehead. she talks to me rudely and keeps on ordering me to do things, like she tells me to choose some shops, houses/flats for her. Secondly if i don't listen to her she gets very angry with me and starts squeezing my neck till the time i wake up asking for water. Sometimes she feeds me food specially rice till the time i get choked in my throat. And to my surprise the next day during daytime after having lunch when i had rice i vomited the full thing out n today also i get scared of having rice,though sometimes i do try to eat and keep my fingers crossed that i don't vomit again. At times she keeps laughing which literally scares me a lot. She looks exactly like my maternal aunt who is a shrewd lady in real life and who is living. How do i get rid of this shrewd lady/dream.? Can u help me to come out of it?Since last 4 years i have been dreaming about this lady. Sometimes i visit lot of different temples i see different gods n see myself praying also i see steps of the temples.At times the temple doors are open sometimes they are closed. I am really confused?!!!! I used to see lot of snakes in my dreams since my childhood.Only now it has stopped once in blue moon i see in my dream. It was last month i saw a snake crossed my way and running away when it saw me it almost disappeared.
Dreamer's Analysis: I do not know but one thing i have noticed that whenever i try do something positive or try to grab any good opportunity that comes my way it does not work out or somebody else gets the pie. Last year i was about to buy a new flat paid some amount too, but this lady in the dream came and all my plans failed. I had to back out. And in real life i found out that my maternal aunt has bought the same type of a flat for herself. In office also i work very hard my top bosses are very happy with my job n i am expecting to go abroad so i slog but this lady the day she comes in my dreams everything is held back. I am totally blank and confused n don't know what to do.
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dreamy815 2009-01-11 18:07:32 Don't Know When you go to bed at night, think about this lady, but think about something funny. Think about you and her going to Hawaii together, or shoving pie in each other's faces. Then, if you dream about her, it will be about something funny instead of disturbing




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