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Posted by: C Lou
Type of dream: Scary / Nightmare
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Did Not Enjoy Dream
Recurring: Yes
Date posted: 2008-07-16 08:07:04
Date of dream: 2008-07-15
Keyword 1: walls
Keyword 2: people
Keyword 3: reaching
Description: As with ALL of my dreams, due to how graphic and the fact that I have been having them from the time I could walk.... I try my best not to remember them .... So here is what little I can remember..... The wall next to my bed held a solid form but turned into a liquid state, a solid smooth wall of liquid defying gravity ...... then the liquid began to ripple t which time a fear gripped me ....... at this point I knelt on the bed, my eyes were open wide, I knew I was awake but common sense told me that I was dreaming ....... then human like forms in the shadows of the 'liquid' came towards me and when emerging from the wall i could see they were actual people (i was half expecting some dream-type creature I guess)but they were people..... people who began reaching out to me. There were so many of them one after the other, reaching. I felt a tremendous sensation of 'pain', 'fear', then i realized they were not reaching out TO me they were reaching out FOR me, trying to grab. I then jolted my boyfriend awake. Even though he was awake the images were still there, my eyes were open and I was talking to him telling him what I was seeing. So he just held me and refused to let me go. He said he couldn't see anything but he refused to let me go. Then slowly the receded back into the wall, the wall then returned to a normal state. I reached out and the wall was once more a normal wall, cold and hard.
Dreamer's Analysis: Maybe because of the stress that i have been under recently, i.e. parting on bad terms with my last job, 3rd day into my new job, the usual financial issues that everyone has, the kids, the bills, the car .......... only thing that keeps bothering me is that the last time I had a similar dream someone died. The last time I had a dream like that a skeletal figure emerged from my bedroom closet, where the closet moved from a solid state to some kind of liquid state defying gravity, the figure stood next to my bed and went back to the closet and all returned to normal. In both dreams I was "awake" or dreaming that i was awake.....
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