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Posted by: gemma
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Did Not Enjoy Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-07-04 03:37:07
Date of dream: 2008-07-04
Keyword 1: disease
Keyword 2: mass
Keyword 3:
Description: I was in malu-rosu, romania, and there was this disease going around that had something to do with red noses. I had a baby that I adopted, and was trying to convince people that it was mine, I don't remember the gender , and he was hungry, so I gave him formula milk through a little cup, but this woman was watching and sorin gave the baby my breast so she would think that I'm breast feeding him, but I felt bad for the baby not having any milk, so I kept giving him the formula. I was really feeling like a bad mother, like I wasn't giving him food every hour or two hours, and I was crying, but really suffering and crying out loud my eyes were hurting badly from all the tears. And while I was holding the baby and crying I noticed that because of the disease, all the stores were closed, and I was supposed to go to my first day of work, and i went, it was a travel agency I think, and the girl I was supposed to replace asked me if I wanted to start and I said yes. Then I was in malu- rosu again and sorin was with me and the baby and we needed a car so that we were safe from the disease, so he took a car whose owner had died from the disease,a white volvo, but the cops were looking for it but they didn't find us. Then I was in a huge bus again just like last night, sorin was driving and in the back there was a swing in which I sat but it had a lot of bukles, and I was really scared because the road was moving and he was driving fast, almost out of control. I saw about 10 cockatiels with red noses and I realized that it was them that the poeple got the disease from, if they looked right at them, because people were walking down the street and had bird signs above their heads, it meant that they went to see the birds, so I went there with sorin but we were trying not to look at them, and I think we did something to cure the birds and the people, because then all the stores in town were open again, and the people were just fine. I went to work and I was afraid that I would't know what to do, but at the same time I was comforted that I would learn, and I really liked my boss, a woman in her 50's with short dark blond hair and a nice face, and the two girls that were there about the same age as me. Then I was in ciorani, I needed to go use the toilet and I passed my grandma, she was knitting something , and she said go to the toilet, no problem, so I went and there was a hose there and I did on the woods while I was cleaning with the hose. Now I remember that I was in my apartment and someone rang the interphone and I opened without asking who it was, and when I opened the door it was my grandma and my grandpa that had died from cancer, and somehow I was suprized to see him but I knew that I saw him before and that he had told me how they thought he was dead and they dug him out and he was alive, but it was really really great to see him, he was skinny, wearing a white or beige shirt and brown or beige pants, with a brown belt and he was really happy , had a huge smile on his face.
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