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Posted by: DreamerMatt
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-06-28 07:09:23
Date of dream: 0000-00-00
Keyword 1: dreams
Keyword 2: soccer field
Keyword 3: classes
Description: Well, I remenber being in a weird place.Very dark and with some people. It was like a "class" or something. Then I and some other people start following this elder woman, she was like a "teacher".We passed trough several rooms wich had all weird "classes" like stamp licking. Somehow I realized it was a dream and the woman said that they were all dreams. The "classes" were dreams. I asked if they were my soon-to-be-dreamed dreams but she said they were all the dreams in the world! Then she said: -"Here let me show you. Just wait until a fan appear." We walked on what seemed a park but with tents of food and stuff. Then a journalis appeared to take photos of me and the woman, because she tought I was retarded, then I faked that I was. Like for publicity for the woman. Then I was walking in a soccer field with a famous soccer locutor in my country, and wanted a T-shirt, so he could sign it. He said he would do it later. Then I walked in a stage to perform a play, that I didnt even know. Then I woke up.
Dreamer's Analysis: i liked the dream because of the emotion of meeting famous people, but I dont know.
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