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Posted by: Fionamika
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-06-24 20:47:36
Date of dream:
Keyword 1: dreamman
Keyword 2: tornado
Keyword 3: dead people
Description: i was working at a restaurant as a waitress as i saw tornadoes outside the bar.nothing happened to us or our restaurant but across the street was a bar that got hit by a tornado. i was on my way to the bar to check on the people that were inside. i see this guy Toby (that i know for real) starting to walk in to this bar but as he looked inside he changed his mind and turned around. i took a look inside and the bar looked normal on the inside and everybody seemed to be on the same place as they were before the tornado hit. the people were still sitting on they're chairs,they were just hanging over the table like they have fallen asleep. they had no blood on them or scratches but they were all dead. i told him if he was hungry he could go to the restaurant across the street (the one i was working in). i liked the way he looked and smiled at me. i was not worried at all in my dream, instead i felt good because i got to see toby again.
Dreamer's Analysis: because i know this toby from when i was working at this gas station. he only came in, smiled at me,bought cigarettes and left. but ever since i saw him the first time i had a crush on him. we never really talked more than 5 sentences with each other. i don't even know much about him but i dream about him a lot.
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