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Posted by: roxanna
Type of dream: Scary / Nightmare
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Did Not Enjoy Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-06-21 01:05:00
Date of dream: 2021-06-20
Keyword 1: fire
Keyword 2: burning
Keyword 3: screaming
Description: It was night time. I was driving my car down a narrow, windy road and this other car was coming the other way quite fast with a woman driving and a few other passengers male/female. (i couldn't make out their faces). The car looked like it may have been a ford capri but with a honda civic back end. I reversed down the road to let her get passed but i got to a dead end near a gate and so she rammed me. She was revving the car like mad making it smoke and smell and it was so noisy. I thought I better get out of my car and then I decided to jump over the gate away from both vehicles. I ran round behind the gate and headed far behind the capri sort of car and hid behind this other unmanned vehicle. She was still ramming the car and I was watching it.. She must have been mad or a little drunk... all of a sudden there was lots more smoke and strange noises... two men got out of the car and ran away for safety but then the car blew up and it was awful. I heard screaming and who ever was left was in agony. Another man jumped out but was on fire.. he managed to roll the fire off. There was one more person still in there- the female driver... she was screaming and screaming and about 40 seconds later she fell out still screaming not being able to walk as the bottoms of her legs had burnt off and she had no hands from the fire either. her face looked like acid had been poured over it and she couldn't see anything. She just tried to crawl to somewhere. The end- I woke up in shock.
Dreamer's Analysis: I have absolutely no idea.
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