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Posted by: LucidDreamer
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Indifferent
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-06-18 02:25:06
Date of dream: 0000-00-00
Keyword 1: Strange
Keyword 2: Scary
Keyword 3: Dark
Description: Driving across the street, which the atmosphere reminded me of the 1960's in London, I came to a stop at a strange building, i entered the doors after climbing a few stiars outside and around the building. A few friends were with me, the reason for us to be there was so we can find a lost girl... entering into the first door we come into a small secluded room and a strange figure on the side, it was large, green, and had only a face spinning and every moment a different expression, the room was dim so not much brightness around us. At some point someone said 'were here to find the girl but don't get lost,' everyone went ahead and rushed off to the door leading futher into the building, leaving me behind. I chased after them, running down stairs after stairs and hearing their noises of foot steps and shouting. The stiars lead on, feeling as though it was never ending, i stopped at a level and opened another door and went through. This time i was climbing up the stairs, i had already lost all my friends and their where abouts, everything was silent, i used my phone light brighten the area in order for me to see where i was going. Climbing until i find myself at the end of the stairs i walked over a plank of wood to cross over to the other side, this time i had to climb down again. Ending infront of a large door i opened the door and went inside, the place had a large furnace, meat strung around the place, a table covered in blood, and knives layed across the table, it feels like a kitchen but a very old kitchen (probably in the 1890), i was focusing around me that i didnt notice a figure standing behind me, he was large tall, wore an aprone covered in blood, held a butchers knife and wore a mask. somehow i was able to discuss the fact i was here, was to find a lost girl he led me trhough to another room, the door was opened but inside was dark... I still remember clearly the new room i stepped into has a very slippery surface and i remember smelling the room once i went inside it had a very strange scent, a scent of blood and before i knew it i was standing in a room with a small level of blood. and above me hung a girl, her face was covered in her own hair and she wore a white gown... this was the girl we was suppose to be looking for, but it seemed we were to late, even though she was there she said 'Thank you for finding me,' a just after where she was hanging a set of door appeared behind here and i went through. This time i ended where the room i started from the beginning, the same statue with the mask spinning and still changing its facial expressions... I stood and wondered where had all my friends go...
Dreamer's Analysis: This is my first time dreaming such a thing, and i havnt a clue why i have such long and strange dreams.
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