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Posted by: LucidDreamer
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-06-18 02:01:13
Date of dream: 2008-05-17
Keyword 1: Lucid?
Keyword 2: Fantasy?
Keyword 3: Paranormal?
Description: I remember seeing myself on a ship but the ship was huge, I'm pretty sure it had a heli-pad. I was marching across the large surface and a fight broke out between me and a girl with long azure hair colour. It was no normal fight, instead it was very realistic but yet seemed like one of those Matrix movies. Soon after we distanced outselves, a large flying vehical landed and multiple figures of the same identical boy took place, i had somehow ended fighting one of them, he had a strange device, that can manipulate his moves doing 4 times the same punch. I do remember him telling me try and stop this then. Which i couldnt, the scene changed and i was standing somewhere in a jungle, and the girl i fought earlier, was there beside me, but this time she was fighting something else and she did a strange stance or movement which bruned and destroyed her apponent... The next thing i knew was a cheiftain, yelling 'no' and he went inside the cave of a jungle, i followed and saw the place was lit up, and the walls had drawings about the boy who had been killed... I spoke to the cheiftain and told him i remember saving that poor boy once, he was being bullied right next to my old take away (this take away looked exactly the same and the outside was precisely what it was even till today, i helped the boy find a owner at somepoint and he took care of him, but the owner passed away soon, and i remember a letter being recieved telling me not to worry i have been accepted by a new family. (Later finding out the family was in a strange Headquartes) and he had joined a group... After i was sitting on a train (train tracks were built around the city island...) the atmosphere was all futuristic not to the point where u see bright colours but more of a run downed city...
Dreamer's Analysis: I havnt a clue, this isnt the only one i've had but most of the dreams tend to link to one another, i visit the same area twice... and still to this day remember the same views i've seen.
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