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Posted by: nicolemcm08
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Indifferent
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-06-14 07:51:41
Date of dream: 2008-06-13
Keyword 1: fired
Keyword 2: puking
Keyword 3: boyfriend
Description: I was with my boyfriend we were with a guy who killed women, we stole the car after he got out with the woman, then we drove to our apartment and got ready to go out with friends, a lady i worked with called and said she would meet us out we went out and were at the bar, she called me when we were there too, and she asked me if she told me the news and i said no, she then told me that i lost my job i was fired, we argued and she told me she would tell me why i got fired when she got there, she got there and would tell me she told me she couldnt and we fought i was crying hysterically, my boyfriend didnt really care he went off to dance with another girl we worked with, i followed them and told her i wanted to have the first dance with him, she got upset, we didnt dance, i change my outift and he changed his, i asked him if he liked my shirt and he said yes, then i asked if i should change and he said yes we got in a fight, i was crying over my job and no one really cared my boyfriend put on short shorts and was dancing for everyone and making them laugh i was upset, the killer was buffalo bill form silence of the lambs, he had a crush on my boyfriend, so i just told my boyfriend to tell him he liked him, we went back to our apartment all of us, and a guy was knocking on the door asking if it was a hospital and to let them in, i said no we live here, he had a really tall lady with him who said she would kick down the door, so we let them in, he said he was looking for his wife she walked out of the bedroom and when she saw him she ran from him, she was puking a very weird bright yellow liquid on the kitchen counter then she came into the living room and puked some more but i kicked a tub over too her to puke in her husband said it was her illness, and he needed to get her to a hospital, then i woke up!
Dreamer's Analysis: i have no idea
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