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Posted by: Odd Thomas
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Indifferent
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-06-11 02:47:10
Date of dream: 0000-00-00
Keyword 1: Random Dream From A
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Description: There was three guys in a jeep. Two who i didn't recognize. The third was Cuba gooding jr. I didn't no the location, but would say it was around Australia half England. They pulled up to a two story house, with a old man sitting on the porch. Cuba and man 1 one who i call Red got out of the car. the third stayed. Cuba and red walked up to the house and knocked on the door, ignoring the old man. The old man stood up and walked to the door, opening the door, and waving them in. Cuba and red looked at each other and walked in. The third man, who i called rick, got out of the car, and walked up to the porch. He heard a laugh to his left, and looked to find a little boy standing there with a smile on his face. the boy ran off to the back and Rick followed. He watched the boy run with his hands spread, imitating a airplane. The bot then stops and stands still for a while. Then proceeds to fall face first into the dirt. When he hits the ground. A puff of black smoke shoots up from the ground. Rick walks up where the boy fell and finds a black figure of the boy imprinted in the ground. He looks up from the ground and sees a house in the distance and decides to walk towards the house. Cuba and Red were talking to the old man in the kitchen and was discussing that they wanted the Hawaiian wrestler he had for a fight. the old man was arguing with Cuba while Red was leaning against the wall listening to them. there was an old women stirring a pot of yellow broth, sweating. The old man took Cuba tot he a little house out back to the right of the house. They opened the door and walked in, finding the Hawaiian wrestler dead on the ground. Next to him was a bowl of salad with a spider crawling in it. They held there breath keeping form smelling the dead wrestler. Rick was at the house looking into the barred up windows. He rounded to the front door finding it screened, barred, and chained shut. He tried to shake it open but had no luck. Then there was a bang on the inside of the door. And then another, and another, each getting louder and louder. Rick put his ear up to the door and heard nothing. Then a loud bang slammed on the door, bursting it open, but then being sucked in by a black hole. And there the little boy was standing there smiling at Rick. The boy was then sucked into the massive hole, Rick felt the pull getting stronger on him and he tried to run but was sucked into the absent of light as well. Cuba and Red were standing outside the door to the little house staring into the door at the dead body on the floor. The old man approached them and whispered into Cuba's ear. Cuba looked at the man with horror and looked at Red. Red had a blank face, desperate to hear what was said. "He said death is on his way here" said Cuba. "What?" said Red. They both kept there gaze on each other and as if they were mind talking. They both started running in the same direction. They ran into the open field towards a plain that look like it was from England. The sun was starting to set and the were surrounded by trees. Like a setting from Alice in wonderland in Kingdom hearts. Back at the house, a small boy dressed in a African Mask and dress. Dancing around in circles. It was death in the form of a child. Running in circles. Laughing. They came to a part of the trees where they folded over to make a pathway. In the pathway they saw a light glow in the dark. they walked into the path and found a Street lamp glowing like the sun. Next to it was a treasure chest. Red kneel ed to open it but was stopped by Cuba. "No. Its a trap" said Cuba. They started running scared that death would catch up. They were running in an open field when death appeared out of nowhere. Catching Cuba and sending him into a black spiral of dust, disappearing into the air along with death himself. Red kept running, eventually coming into a graveyard of trailer and trucks. He stopped into the middle of the yard, followed by a Middle aged man and his wife, along with there son and daughter. the turned to and started walking to the highway that was next to the yard. when a truck came to life and started racing to them. They froze not moving, looking at the truck as it came near them. It stopped before it hit them. Then an old lady jumped out of the truck. "Grandma" Said the middle aged man. "What? I just thought you guys wanted some pie" Said the Grandma. They laughed and they all took hands, walking towards the highway.
Dreamer's Analysis: I get dreams like this all the time and have no clue where they come form or why i would have them.
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